Marijuana IS a drug

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  1. I felt this was an alright place to post this. I've had the argument of marijuana being a drug with people before. Marijuana IS a drug, it is used like one, and can be ABUSED like one. It can help you sleep, it aids with comedowns from other drugs, if you're hungover and need to eat it helps substantially. Or at the end of a long day it's good to just get high and chill. Now for abuse, from my experience people on the other end of argument tend to be abusers. Someone I know smokes weed all day, every day. He claims it isn't a drug, and helps him deal with his problems. First of all I know for a fact dealing with problems when high is much more difficult than being sober. You should deal with shit, THEN get high in celebration. He doesn't deal with any of his problems. Abusing marijuana in this manner is counter-productive in every way possible. He's in his twenties, has not got a haircut in years because he "doesn't know what to tell the barber," He collects unemployment after getting laid off months ago because he won't go out and find a job (not that anyone would hire him do to lack of hygiene [BECAUSE he gets stoned all day and rarely leaves his apartment]), he didn't graduate high school, he's never had a girlfriend, won't come to parties because he doesn't like being around people he doesn't know (why he doesn't meet girls, or any new people for that matter), if you mention any of the problems he claims he's dealing with he gets severely pissed and doesn't want to talk about it or to you at all, always paranoid with no social skills, he's close minded and stubborn, and is also paranoid he's getting fat and starves himself. He is now a child in an adults body, mostly because he's completely egocentric. He wasn't like this until his daily habit.

    Arguments? (Not to insult my fellow blades, but preferably intelligent ones. Since I joined GC years ago it seems the community has acquired an abundance of trolls and children attempting to be funny.)
  2. Marijuana is a drug..
    this is true.
    Suger is a drug as well, is any of this new to you?
  3. Not sure how any of your friends actions has to do with marijuana being a drug or not, if that's the point you were trying to get at. It's a drug because it's a drug, just like caffeine, cough medicine, aspirin, nicotine, alcohol, LSD, cocaine and ritalin are drugs.

  4. i completely agree with the fact that it is a drug. However you cannot use an isolated example such as that as solid reasoning behind your claim. He is 1/50,000,000 stoners(probably more), and his own emotional background has alot more to do with his current state of "existence" than the weed. Sure the weed plays a part, but i bet you theres other key factors at play here.

    For every one person who abuses bud, theres nine more that dont.

    and yes weed is a drug. yes its a plant, but it is still a drug.
  5. I'm aware of the abundance of drugs in today's society. I was just trying to see how people who claim it is not a drug validate it. I explained his actions to show how it can be abused like any other drug. (Maybe also to vent a little, I'll give you that, but its purpose still stands) Things that are NOT drugs don't do shit like that to you as far as substances go, only something abstract like a detrimental event in your life (which has not happened to him, because he now has no life).
  6. yea, no one is arguing weed isn't a drug. Like it's been mentioned, sugar and caffeine are "drugs" as well.

    Just because your friend can't handle his weed, and is abusing it, doesnt' mean it should reflect on the drug itself.

    Blame your friend. not the plant.
  7. I really think your friend just suffers from poor character to begin with..
    If you replaced MJ with world of Warcraft, and still acts the same way would you be surprised?
    It's easy to blame the activity rather than yourself

  8. Anything can be addicting if you allow it to be.

    Not only "drugs" but other indulgences too... sex, the internet, video games, gambling. There have been plenty of people who've been addicted to those things as well.
  9. I'm sorry if it seemed that way, I wasn't using him as a basis for my reasoning, just an example of how it can be abuse. I'm fairly certain that weed is a major key factor here, I've known him a very long time. He voices his problems sometimes, and they're not something that should drive a person to this state. They're petty things, that a sober person should be able to deal with very easily, or things that shouldn't bother you at all. It's just not possible for him to handle real life when he's packing giant bowls in his bong every other minute (Not exaggerating, 6 bowls will be loaded in a row, followed by 20 minutes of video games, then the process is repeated).
  10. Dude he just explained himself, hes heard people say that weed isnt a drug, i think weve all heard it alot of peopel say it
  11. People who don't think it's a drug are usually people who are in denial and say that "their" way of getting high..from weed, can't be categorized in the same way as the actual "drugs" cocaine and heroin. When in reality anybody with any common perception knows that any chemically altering substance is a drug.

    If that made sense..errrrrrrrr
  12. You all have interesting things to say. I'm aware of how other things (ie Sex) can be addicting (I know personally), but they're not mind altering like THC. Although the people who have replied so far agree with it being a drug, you all know very well there are people who don't agree, and I was seeking their points of view as well as yours. Also, I do not blame the plant as someone said, I blame him for misusing the plant.

    As someone who has a love for psychology I can truly say this has turned into an interesting discussion.
  13. THIS is something I say to the person I was talking about a lot. I always favored narcotics, and admitted they were in fact drugs. He only smokes weed, and that is one of the reasons he defends it. It's as if he's trying to comfort himself, convincing himself that his drug of choice isn't really a drug.
  14. Not another one of these threads...
  15. Oh indeed marijuana is a drug. But most importantly it is vegetation that should be respected. I smoke weed every day all day, but I get my shit done and have a good social life. But damn that's pretty bad, as long as you yourself are doing good isn't that what counts in the end? It all comes down to smoking responsibly.
  16. Who are you talking to exactly? If you have something to say about this subject, say it.
  17. That's unnecessary. You don't have to post in the thread if you don't have anything to say regarding the thread. I just wanted intelligent insight on the subject. I come back to this community after a long time, and the first things I read are moderators addressing useless posts on what used to be a good community. I'm almost afraid of how many of your thousands of posts fit the description of what moderators are trying to stop.
  18. If you can handle yourself, then more power to you. Drugs are about responsibility and the individual. There are certain substances I use on a near daily basis because I'm currently a straight A student, and stopped smoking bud a few weeks ago so I can pass a drug test for work before I get back into the occasional chief. Marijuana just has the ability to inhibit your social life and drive to get shit taken care of if not used properly.
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    You know what's unnecessary? OP not using the search option to see there are plenty of these threads floating around on the board. One was even recently started.

    You just wanted intelligent insight on the subject? Then use the search button to go read existing threads with pages upon pages to read from.

    They should be addressing useless duplicate threads more than they should be addressing useless posts.

    A good handful, surely.

    The most recent one to emerge aside from this thread:

    SEARCCCHHHHHH BUTTTONNNNZZZZZZ. You wanted to call me out on my "useless" post, so I'm calling out this useless thread.

    EDIT: Oh joy! YOU are the OP. "Been away from this board for a long time," eh? Did you predate the search feature? Well in case you did, you just learned an amazing new feature that this forum includes. Use it.
  20. just saying its good that you werent incompetent about you explained yourself, provided facts, and an example..most people who make posts like this are complete idiots...that being said i disagree with you blaming the herbs for your friends problems, it sounds like he was a loser to began with
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