Marijuana Industry Could Reach 35 Billions Worth In The Next 5 Years

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    It will only be legal in 50 states  when and IF the federal government legalizes it. 
    Last I heard, Colorado voters wants their law to be repealed.
    Washington has slated some of its currently-legal laws to change -no more medical…state recreational stores-only
    All kinds of things are still in a quandary
  2. It is failing in the polls. Both the current and the new governor running hate the idea. The repubs will be taking back over and things will continue as normal.
    It will never be legal in 50 states. Sorry kids
    That is also a pretty weak number considering ca makes up about 15billion of that market.
    That's not true. In fact, Colorado is already putting that new tax revenue to good use. The only thing I've heard, in terms of changing the law in Colorado, is that there may be some modifications and added language dealing with edibles, because way too many incautious people have landed in emergency rooms after eating too many edibles, or edibles that were more potent than they realized.
    Also, this is what I posted in response to this link in the other sub-forum:
    It's worth noting that the $35 billion figure is from a marijuana advocacy group, and it's way more optimistic than other figures I've seen.
    Still, when you factor direct tax revenue from marijuana sales, revenue from licensing growers and retailers, savings in law enforcement from freeing up cops to investigate more serious crimes, and savings in the courts (which are overloaded with petty drug cases), the overall savings and revenue combined would be substantial.
  4. Most people already have a hard enough time controlling what they put in their mouths, so, of course edibles would become a problem in Colorado.
  5. Only the prohibs want MJ repealed here. And they are grossly outnumbered and becoming obsolete.
    Even Chickenlooper who continuously badmouths cannabis (while supporting his beer industry interests...) is enamored with the millions in tax revenue generated from this. These guys are tripping over themselves trying to figure out how to spend as much as possible of this.
    For better or worse in that regard, nobody is going to be repealing anything.
    Considering that our state had also ended industrial hemp prohibition, all combined we are about to witness a CO gold rush.
  6. The gov is having hearings on rescheduling it as we speak..sounds like its going good so we'll see soon

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