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Marijuana Induced Psychosis: Mild/Severe Auditory Hallucinations Question.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrAverage, Aug 9, 2012.

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    First and foremost I would like to say I am in no sense new to these forums or the herb. I've been lurking for around a year and a half, and smoking for about 2 years. Now to the story...

    I had been smoking for around 2 years prior to the incident, however I had never experienced anything like this before. About a 3 weeks ago I picked up an eighth of some very strong purp from my usual delar, with plans to smoke it at my girl's house afterwards. We got the dank and headed back to the crib where we watched episodes of House until she (and the rest of her family fell asleep). I then proceeded onto the front porch (which was weird for me, because I usually smoked on the back porch) and lighted up the blunt I had rolled and began to burn down. I began to feel the effects of the herb immediately and after the blunt went back in and laid down with her. This is where things began to get weird. I began to hear voices. Not just mumbling either, clear concise voices speaking in a relatively harsh tone. They seemed to be angry about me smoking. My initial thought was that it was the neighbors and that they were mad I smoked on the front porch. I woke up my girlfriend and began telling her what was going on, and asked if she could hear anything. She responded no and this is when I began freaking out. I realized that the voices were in my head and that I was seriously tripping. I began having a mild panic attack, but combined with the fact that I was hearing voices also it was a terrifying experience. Eventually my girl was able to calm me down and I drifted to sleep.

    Now I awoke and the voices were no longer there, however a couple days later I smoked another blunt (of the same purp) at my fathers and began to hear them again. It was just like a voice that commented on all my daily actions and was pretty much an asshole, it would antagonize me and pester me about whatever I was doing. I was never frightened simply annoyed. However, after smoking this time the voices did not go away (even after I had come down). I began to question whether I should see a doctor or not and realized how severe the situation actually could be, but decided to smoke one more time to reflect on exactly what was going on. Same deal except this time it was a very small amount, and it was out of a bowl. I smoked and the voices began getting louder just as I had predicted. This is when I decided it was time to visit the hospital. My father took me after I told him what was going on and the worst possible scenario happened.

    They held me at the hospital, even though I was functioning perfectly (aside from the fading voices. I realized they were fading as I was coming down.) Anyway they kept me in the hospital and we'll just fastforward from there with bullets.

    -They kept me at the hospital even though I told them I was fine aside from the voices
    -The voices were fading as it had been a whole day since I had smoked. They were still there, but I could hear them getting quieter.
    -They put me in a mental hospital and put me on 1mg Risperidone
    -I left the hospital with a full recovery after 4 days (the voices had completely stopped after the 2nd day)
    -I am now seeing a psychotherapist and psychiatrist for any possible lasting damage
    -I'm still taking the medicine, and feel 100% back to normal

    Now what I'm really wondering is, should I be frightened by the fact that all this happened or should I chalk it up to a bad batch of herb and a stressful situation and spark once more?

    P.S- I haven't smoked since the small bowl before I went to the hospital
    P.S.S- I was under a lot of stress at the time of the incident and I was a notorious nightowl. Often operating on less than 5 hours of sleep daily. Since then all of this has subsided, I am stress free and sleeping far longer than before.
    P.S.S.S- I have absolutely no history of mental illness and the doctors after all their testing could not diagnose me with anything more than NOS Psychosis, which basically means "hey we don't know what the fuck happened, but you experienced psychosis".

  2. Schizophrenia?
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    Why the swag at the end? Leads me to believe(no offence) your just a high schooler who smoked too much and freaked out. If not, I've heard things about marijuana possibly making certant mental illnesses coming out in people. Rare, but have heard it. Maybe you are skitzo or something and never knew it.

    Edit: By it coming out in people I mean you already had it.(Before someone starts saying I said marijuana makes you crazy)
  4. It's possible you have had some underlying mental illness all along and that marijuana brought it to the forefront. While studies showing cannabis uses causes mental illnesses such as schizophrenia are unfounded and basically bullshit, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that cannabis can "activate" a mental illness which is already present and is dormant somewhere in your consciousness.

    What I would suggest is to take a break from smoking marijuana for a week or more. Then when you smoke again if the same thing happens again with the voices, try to get to the bottom of what's going on whether you consult a doctor or do research yourself.
  5. This happened to me too. I feel you on the story.. Okay
    First How Old are you If you dont mind me asking?

    For Me I Started Getting Really delusional and i heard voices, mostly demonic voices like taunting me and shit, but um Yeah Except for me its different i Went in the Hospital For A Suicide Attempt..
    Was Pot The only Drug you were using?/BeCareful With that shit man, Sometimes we Just nEed A Break. 1-6 Months
    Right Know Im Fine, Im Still chiefin...:smoke:
  6. should you smoke again? hell no bro seems like you have schizophrenia or some shit. that's not normal. have you recently been very paranoid when high?
  7. Happened to me before when i was working some concert event after smoking a small J of swchag i tripped the fuck out for some reason. and i had been smoking for a while (mostly d.a.m.f.s). But it felt like all the voices were taunting me and i had a panic attack, broke the fuck down. Probably because i was so used to toking alone in a quiet environment?
  8. I do believe that pot can trigger illnesses like this, but i dont believe it can create such
  9. [quote name='"Marrijane420"']I do believe that pot can trigger illnesses like this, but i dont believe it can create such[/quote]

  10. Sounds like you got some good weed.

    Seriously though, the combo of weed, not sleeping enough and a panic attack can make you imagine some weird shit.
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    get a different batch of weed and smoke that, and stop buying from the dealer who sold you that purp, i've bought from a guy who gave me 4 grams in my hand without a baggie for 10 dollars when i only asked for a gram and he said it wasn't that good so he hooked up fat, but that shit did some fucked up shit to me when i looked in the mirror i swear my face looked like the devil and when i sat down it felt like i was doing front flips while sitting down, sometimes you just get bad batches of weed from suspicious dealers man
  12. If it were me, I'd get a full nights sleep for a week straight, then smoke a little of definitely not that. If it comes back, calm yourself and go to bed. Wake up the next day with certainty, whatever the outcome. Marijuana + sleep deprivation can do that, but I wouldn't get your hopes up to much. You just got dealt a bad hand, sorry dude.
  13. Dude I doubt you have shitzo. Smoke less for christs sake. I toke daily and I wouldn't wanna smoke a whole blunt of purp. Fuck man id be hearin Shit too.

    Like others have said sleep helps too. I feel very off andhave strange thought patterns if I consistantly don't get enough sleep. I feel downright insane sometimes. We need sleep lol.
  14. Sounds like you had a magic mushroom or two lol. But most probably as everyone's saying its just a combination of different factors, maybe your worrying too much about something or you aren't sure whether smoking marijuana is right or not which is why you keep hearing voices. Whatever the reason, none of us will be able to tell you why it's happening but you should take a break for a few weeks, clear your head.
  15. blaze up again and relax dont wait for/ try to hear those voices... if you do then i would suggest relaxing on the bud for awhile..
  16. [quote name='"wtfjusthappened"']Dude I doubt you have shitzo. Smoke less for christs sake. I toke daily and I wouldn't wanna smoke a whole blunt of purp. Fuck man id be hearin Shit too.

    Like others have said sleep helps too. I feel very off andhave strange thought patterns if I consistantly don't get enough sleep. I feel downright insane sometimes. We need sleep lol.[/quote]

    Ya srsly that shits ridiculous lol
  17. If it isn't working in a good way for you don't do it.
  18. Anyone in your family have schiz? If so, you might too in the future... Fortunately though, there are drugs that will make it go away
  19. It doesn't work that way, it can trigger it but after it is triggered it doesn't just go away.

    Voices usually don't insult you either, they usually command you to do to things andwon't go away until you do it.
  20. I've been a disorganized schizophrenic since i was 13. At least, diagnosed at 13. Smoking words fine for me. Just accept your augmented perception.

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