Marijuana Inc. - Inside America's Pot Industry (video link)

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  2. couldnt even watch the rest of it when the chick said "it's called supply and demand"

    That guys got like 50 5footers which he's gonna be pulling ATLEAST a qp from each.

    If they are going to be growing like this, it's not worth $10-20 a gram. Now it might be worth $10-20 a gram when you're growing 3 in your closet and have to spend the whole time watching your ass and growing JUST in your closet. But when you're growing that many plants outdoors and they're like 5'+ tall, there's no way anyone should still be paying $10-20 a gram, it's not worth it.

  3. You should have watched it, it's interesting!
  4. It's intense how they're around all those plants.
  5. I've watched that with my roommate before, its pretty good. Also, the main interviewer girl is hot as hell, that is a plus :D. Its funny how much they make, when she asked the guy in the dispensary....Those people were so upfront about just growing a backyard full of plants its amazing.
  6. Any links for it that work outside of the states?

    Also i dont suppose anyone has a link for the program that was on the national geographic?

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    Let me see if and when what I can do for you!

    OK check this link and watch the segments each by each meaning put "Cannabis Economics - Marijuana Inc. 1" in to the search field on YouTube: [ame=""]Cannabis Economics - Marijuana Inc. 1 [/ame]
  8. Yeh mate i went on it and it said its something to do with getting liscensing for all the videos to be used in all countries.

    Cheers for that btw :)

  9. Thanks for this, Leap.

    It's sweet. I was actually watching it the other night at a friends, but I had to go - didn't get to finish it. We were all sitting there with our mouthes hanging open, drooling. Delicious, delicious, delicious. Now I can finally see it all. Thank you muchly.:smoking:
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    heres version #2 of marijuana inc w/ al roker. [ame=""] Video Player[/ame]

  11. Failed.....

    Edited.... now you got it!

    Thanks for the heads up, will watch it after I finish reading 3 books and 2 articles. :p
  12. heres the direct link. w w
  13. I preferred "The Union"
  14. u can watch all the mj docs on my channel, got most of them, marijuana inc, marijuana nation, the union, in pot we trust, & more.
    YouTube - Kanaal van jcj77d
  15. Why? Thats what the drug trade is

    Ive seen this so many times on TV. It does seem the girl has a bias against marijuana. Like when the oaksterdam guy refused to tell his figures, she was like 'why?' 'why?' 'why?'. Would you try to push the CEO of Shell to tell his figures?
  16. look @ my sig, for the rest of these doc vids

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