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marijuana illegal because it cures cancer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by heyman420, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. im really stoned and just browsing the web. I read that weed oil has been found to actually cure/slow down cancers cells. What if the government actually made it illegal because of its benefits. :smoking:im just probbably really high right now
  2. You must be very high lol, they wouldn't ban something with the reasoning of it being able to cure our leading cause for death.
  3. Sounds like a bunch of paranoid conspiracy theory bullshit to me.:smoking:
  4. That's absurd. While it is extremely helpful in the fight against cancer, it isn't the end-all be-all solution. And it's illegal because bigger markets saw it as competition and got it banned :)
  5. Funny you bring this up op, I used to think like this when I started smoking. Conspiracies and stuff.

    Reason why I thought about this is because if everyone was healthy and no one died from health issues, the world would be over populated and that would be the end of man kind. The government wants to live and would sacrifice people dying for their own survival.
  6. Clearly marijuana is not a "cure" for cancer, but it is definitely anti-cancer in nature. That Clearing the Smoke documentary on youtube had a bit about a doctor at the university of North Carolina doing cancer research on mice with cannabinoids.

    He managed to completely eliminate cancer in 1/3 of his mice. That may not sound like much, but isn't that impressive? He cured cancer in a third of his mice using weed haha. I don't know, I think that's cool
  7. You are high! :smoking:

    The reasons were racial and financial, not medical. Read this-

    The Emperor Wears No Clothes (book - 2007) The Book «

    Then for more on the medical aspects click that first link in my sig!

    Granny :wave:
  8. [quote name='"FreeYourSoul"']You must be very high lol, they wouldn't ban something with the reasoning of it being able to cure our leading cause for death.[/quote]

    Althought this is true, the cure for cancer has been found, but isn't patentable so no company is willing to sell it cuz they won't make money, so their trying to find patentable ideas. Fucked up world

  9. Cancer Cure Conspiracy  | Buzzsaw Magazine
  10. And also the governemnt can't profit off it

  11. government could also tax it but....well who doesn't like when money is thrown at their face?
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    I think medical- and economical reasons are the main reasons why it remains illegal today though.
    I'm almost 100% sure about this.

    Simply because it cannot be patened and could be grown by anyone easily.
    It's money over people really, it's sad. :(
  13. Marijuana was made illegal because in the early 1900's there was a company owned by a man named DuPont which I'm sure you all recognize. Well he was a very wealthy individual and very well connected in government. His company had just created a polyester fiber which was excellent for rope, clothing, and many other uses. Now this polyester fiber was great except for one issue, Hemp it was cheaper to produce, had many more uses, and it had already been widely used so convincing people to buy his new product would be difficult. So he got together with some government friends and they thought up the whole reefer madness campaign and created tax stamps for growing marijuana which were impossible to get and then it was classified illegal. Now DuPonts polyester would be cheaper than hemp because hemp would need to be imported from other countries.
  14. Of course it's illegal because of it's benefits. Why would big pharma want it to be legal? They would make no money because it has a wide range of uses in the medicinal world. Everyone would use marijuana instead of pharmaceuticals. Big pharma can't can't market it as they can pharmaceuticals. Big pharma has a huge influence on the govt which In turn leads to it's illegality. It's all a bunch of backdoor bullshit that no one knows about fully and no one probably ever will. Am I right or am I wrong?

  15. Right.
  16. This

    You are right. There would be no pharma market for anything. Thats where the biggest money is made, that's why kindergarten students are diagnosed with ADHD. Tobacco and alcohol come in a close second, that's why it remains legal. They don't care about health, they care about money.

    Most people are too stupid to realize pharma products are a fast acting crutch and doesn't actually solve the problem. It's temporarily fix to numb an issue, until the product wears off and you need to spend more money. In the long run it creates more problems which requires a different product.

    Omega369 :wave:
  17. I was just thinking about it, and all of you say it's hard to tax and patent, but could anyone explain to me how Washington and Colorado deal with the growers, distribution and all? Since they can't get a patent how is the business working?
  18. Why would they want cheap meds that cure cancer. It woy ld ku ll their profit.. I question everything mt govt does. How can you not???????

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