Marijuana Horticulture; The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by plugged, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I have this book in PDF format for anyone who wants it. It's a great book, honestly my favorite on the subject. I own the paperback version so the PDF isn't something I need, but I thought I'd offer it up to people here before I deleted it.. I'm sure it'd be useful to lots of people here.

    The only problem is it's just under 500 megs (not sure why; I didn't scan it) and I've had trouble finding a "free" upload service that would allow a file that big. If anyone can help me find one I'd gladly link you guys to it :)

    [sorry if this is the wrong forum, 'General' didn't seem right as that's more off-topic]
  2. pm me and i'll host it for a week and we can post a link here. after that you're on your own :)
  3. i dont think Jorge Cervantes would like you to steal from him like going to e-mail him and let him know...
  4. Whatever Dude....:cool:
  5. lol. well i own (paid for) the hard copy. you're probably right that he'd like to get some money out of all the hard work he put into that publication though. on the other hand, i think he'd be all for the free dissemination of good information about marijuana growing. so yah, i'm interested in seeing the response you get I guess :) we'll just hold off until then.
  6. i quote the "bible" every once in a while to share info...but i dont think posting large sections would be ethical...
  7. well, it certainly isn't legal and after taking a few minutes to think about it i probably shouldn't offer to host copyrighted information for illegal download by site members. thanks scary :)
  8. you were just trying to help so +rep...

  9. I'll remember this next time I offer to help other members here. If this is the reaction it gets, I can see why people wouldn't hang around long.
  10. I'm sure scary has paid for every music item on his computer as well.
  11. well said...

    i dont think theres an issue with sharing information he already posseses
  12. your speculation is correct...
  13. its on youtube anyway
  14. ...while your in the mood to snitch Visionary, let my mom know that I chief like an Indian and grow like a pro. Mentioning all my torrented files isn't an issue cause she does it too. A** sphincter says what :smoke:
  15. I was lookin at the exact same book today at a book store, it would be great to help out the would-be grower. Also, this is a book on how to do something highly illegal, i doubt copyright protection is much on anyones mind in this forum.....just my 2cent

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