Marijuana helps me control my appetite?

Discussion in 'General' started by showzo, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Latley I've been realizing when I'm comedy sober ill eat way to much.. But after smoking I eat a moderate amount and stop myself from over eating...
    Anyone else?
  2. Yeah, that happens to me, too. Usually I'm not even hungry when I'm high and if I do eat, it hurts the fuck out of my stomach after eating like half of what I would normally eat while sober... it's weird and pisses my friends off haha
  3. Opposite for me.
  4. I get the complete opposite when I'm sober I can barely eat anything (not much appetite.) But when I'm high, I get the fucking munchies and it helps me gain weight.
  5. yea smoking for me equals one of two things.

    One, I get typical munchies and you kno, eat the box of krispy kreme.

    Two, I chew like hell and am not that hungry and eat very moderately, like just enough to be content.

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