Marijuana Harmless? Hardly

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  1. By Robert Margolis
    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    We are in the midst of a major national debate on the legalization of marijuana. The outcome of this debate is likely to have profound implications for our society. To make an informed choice on this issue, we need accurate information about these implications.
    There has never been a greater need for unbiased scientific data on the physical and psychological effects of marijuana use. Unfortunately, there has been more heat than light shed on this issue in the mainstream media.

    Perhaps with this in mind, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has just issued a major research report on the effects of marijuana. The report may be surprising to most people who regard marijuana as a benign or harmless drug.

    According to NIDA, marijuana is a drug that can and does cause addiction. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, activates the brain's reward system in the same way as other drugs of abuse -- by triggering the release of dopamine.

    Dopamine, a chemical found in the brain, is associated with a sense of euphoria. Like other drugs of abuse, chronic administration of marijuana depletes dopamine supplies and causes other brain changes, which creates a craving for the drug. After a certain period of time, cessation of use results in a defined marijuana withdrawal syndrome as demonstrated in both animal and human studies. These factors combined with other functional impairments define drug dependence or addiction. According to NIDA, more than 2 million people met the criteria for marijuana dependence in 1999 alone.

    Marijuana also causes major problems with learning, memory, concentration and judgment. Individuals who smoke marijuana have an impaired ability to learn for at least 24 hours. Long-term users have been shown to be impaired for up to four weeks after cessation of use. In animal studies, rats treated with THC showed nerve cell loss resulting in memory loss. The nerve cell loss was "equivalent to that of unexposed animals twice their age," according to the report.

    Robert Margolis is a licensed clinical psychologist in Roswell.


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    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution (GA)
    Author: Robert Margolis
    Published: December 30, 2002
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  2. yea and how many ppl are addictide to cigs or alcohol?
  3. alcohal and cigs dont fuck up your brain as bad as kronic though, if you're dumb enough to abuse it ... which most people are.
  4. Oh my... I can't believe I hardly come here.

    Great info, SJ.

    It's never been my argument that marijuana should be legal because it's just so damned good for you.

    It has been my argument that it should be legal because we're supposed to be free.

    Especially here in The States we have tons of commercials about how god damned free we are. How we have to defend and protect it (propaganda for the war on terror)... How valuable it is.. How many people died protecting it..

    But don't light a fucking joint!

    Bah.. **cough cough cough** it's not for the health of it! It's because I should be able to put anything in my body as long as I'm not hurting anybody else.

  5. amen ... they should not have the right to stop us from doing something as long as it doenst hurt anyone else ... me toking up affects me and me only ... and my dealers ... they like the buisness...

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