Marijuana Growing in Michigan

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  1. I am a very low income person. I get $750/month from disability so I can't get into the business easily. I don't know anyone who has money. What can I do to get the finances to start a Marijuana growing business in Michigan? How do I start? I have nothing right now, no connects, no place to grow, anything at all. This seems really daunting but I need to make money. I can't be poor for the rest of my life. Anyone know of any grants that can help me? If they're general grants what do I say in case they aren't Marijuana friendly? What do I say to them that isn't lying and they try to make me pay the money back or whatever? I don't know what to do business wise, and I would like to be able to get investors in two years. I know someone who would but I can't go to them empty handed. He's a business man and will need to see profit and a reason to invest. I am completely lost and I don't know where to begin. I am desperate to get this going for many reasons. Thank you in advance for anyone willing to help me out.
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  2. If you can do a outdoor grow It might be enough to get you going commercially .
    Most likely you would be black market the first few years ..
    If you have never grown before and even if you have shit happens and you might not get a crop your first few tries .
    What is your expertise in this ?

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