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Marijuana genetics

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cashewmilk, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. We all hear that genetics are important to grow good mmj. And it's mostly true. There are always exceptions.

    Anyway, this question is more for a breeder or someone with extensive knowledge of marijuana and plants in general.

    The leaves of the plant are used for photosynthesis and absorption of sunlight. Ideally, we would want the leaves not to be there during harvests.

    (Here's the question)

    Do you think it is possible to encode genes (or something of the sort) to make it possible to have the leaves fall off at a certain point? It would be most beneficial when the plant doesn't require sunlight or the artificial equivalent, so more specifically, would it be possible to to do the aforementioned in a specific timeframe?

    Any well supported insight (hopefully with sources) would be greatly appreciated. It would make growing marijuana that much easier.
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  2. what you want to do would need to be genetically modified. Is it possible? Maybe. Who the hell wants that though? the more natural the better.
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  3. If you could yield 5lbs a plant easily without the difficulty of growing, would you ever use a genetically modified plant?
  4. No I don't. I don't believe in GMO. God put the plants and what we need as is. Let nature takes its course. One day a company will mess up and something bad will happen all because of a man made mistake. Nature it self is not perfect but it sure is more forgiving than a man made one....

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