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Marijuana for Insomnia...

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by NewBie4200, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I use cannabis before sleeping every night to curb my insomnia. My insomnia is in large part due to racing thoughts and anxiety(which I am medicated for). Cannabis works very well to help me get to sleep, and I sleep 7-8 hours a night, the issue is I find myself tired during the day, and I am not sure why. Am I using too much(I usually dab once and smoke a oil pen 2-3 times after)? Also, does a person go into REM sleep once the effects of cannabis have worn off? I read somewhere that a typical person is high for 3-4 hours, since I am high mostly while sleeping, would I sleep "normally" after ?

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    when you go to sleep your metabolism turns down or almost off completely.... any cannabis active bio-chemicals (cannabinoids) you have from that nights use will not metabolize but stay in your system until you awaken next day.. once you awake your metabolism kicks in and so does those latent cannabinoids that did not fire while you were sleeping... So, the indica you used for sleep will be the lethargic effect you feel next day...

    how to eliminate the next day lethargy AMAP...
    use your nightly cannabis early enough in the night so that you can metabolize those actives and not have them latent/ stalled over night andf activating upon waking... Or, if you want to use directly before sleep use a more hybrid sativa/indica so you still get the indica effects for sleep but not full out indica stoned etc... Or, try a sativa right before bed and get to sleep before the effects kick in good and then when you awaken so does those sativa compounds to help you awaken!

    edit- how it works.... cannabis phyto-chemicals (phyto-cannabinoids) are termed secondary metabolites. that means they act as metabolic signalling structures to signal @ the active receptor sites located on every cell in You! EVERY cell regulates it's homeostasis cellular functioning via cannabinoid receptors on the surface and cannabinoids are used to signal through that cellular lipid membrane (phospholipid bilayer)... cannabinoids are crystalline molecular structures that impart biological information through cell walls via their shape and structure, like a key that opens a lock
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  3. This doesn't sound right. I smoke before I go to sleep every night basically and have for years and I have never woken up stoned. I personally have only had that happen several years ago one time and have never heard of that being an issue.

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