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    has anyone used marijuana as a bipolar medication? and if so, did it help you more than the prescription meds that your doctor prescribed to you?..i stopped going to my doctor and therapist cause it seemed to me like a waste of time with the medicine...did me no damn good, but when im stoned I can control my bipolar easier..and im happier in general. I would like to hear your thoughts on I feel totally alone with this bipolar shit im dealing with..i was diagnosed back when I was in the 5th grade after I had bashed a kids face in with a big stick and put one of his eyes out...I still feel horrible about lucky the kid did not die..seriously I could have went to jail for a long long time..please don't judge me...I get enough judgement about my quote.. "problem" it just looking for people to relate to

  2. I have extreme mood swings, however I don't just smoke; I exercise first, eat good (spicy) and then fire up. Spicy foods and hot sauce release dopamine/serotonin, which make you happy.
  3. You mainly manic or depressive?  If manic I would suggest keeping on your meds.
    That seems like a very early detection time.
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    hmm that must be why i LOVE hot (spicy) stuff. 
  5. from what my doctors reports show I am manic and depressive..also have a very strong depression disorder...I never had no friends in gradeschool  never had no friends in highschool and it finally got so bad that I had to be taken completely out of high school in the 9th grade and be homeschooled by my parents because of the way I was being treated by l the kids in highschool...everybody made fun of me and said things like, "why don't you hang yourself retard"? ...or .."why don't they lock you up in a mental institution"...and I am 35 now and it still has not gotten any better..i still cant make friends...I cant stand to be in places with large crowds, I get freaked out and other stores....I feel like a freak and stay quite depressed
  6. If you are stoned4life you should know by now if pot helps you or not. Since you're asking here I'm assuming it hasn't really worked for you, maybe because you also suffer from anxiety disorders which weed can intensify.
  7. I feel you there, when I'm in a large group of people I start to panic, and I feel like everyone hates me and is judging me right off the bat, I've been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and possible Social Anxiety Disorder, and an awaiting diagnosis for Shizoaffective Disorder. For me, weed doesn't help at all, it makes it worse sometimes actually, that's why I only smoke when I'm by myself. When I have to go into large groups I usually put headphones in and listen to music, it makes me more comfortable and helps me with my other symptoms as well. But everybody's different.
    Please give the psychiatrist a chance. If you don't want meds try psychology. You have some serious underlying shit that weed isn't going to fix and relying on it to hide symptoms is going to hurt you more in the long run.
  9. well iots good to know that at someone cares...and no im not being smart..i really mean it
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  11. your psychiatrist shouldn't be diagnosing you as bipolar until you've quit using drugs for at least six months, as drug use and especially abuse can mimic the symptoms of bipolar disorder. the meds i was given, once they built up levels in my body, i couldn't get high smoking weed anymore. so i quit my meds and smoke most days. but i know when smoking weed isn't going to help me, because sometimes it just makes the symptoms worse.

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