Marijuana "Facts" according to my school website

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  1. I cant't get over how ridiculous this is, most of these "facts" are pure bullshit:devious:
    Marijuana is riskier than you think. It can limit your teen's achievement in the classroom, on standardized tests and in the future.
    • Marijuana can hinder a teen's ability to learn. Heavy marijuana use impairs young people's ability to concentrate and retain information.1 This can be especially problematic during peak learning years.
    • Marijuana use is linked to poorer grades. A teen with a "D" average is four times more likely to have used marijuana than a teen with an "A" average. 2
    • Marijuana and underage drinking are linked to higher dropout rates. Students who drink or use drugs frequently are up to five times more likely than their peers to drop out of high school.3 A teenage marijuana user's odds of dropping out are more than twice that of a non-user.4
    Marijuana is addictive. It can cause problems for young users when their bodies and brains are still developing, which decreases their likelihood of success.
    • Research also shows that marijuana use is three times more likely to lead to dependence among adolescents than among adults. Research indicates that the earlier kids start using marijuana, the more likely they are to become dependent on this or other illicit drugs later in life.5
    • Teens who begin marijuana use at an early age when the brain is still developing may be more vulnerable to neuropsychological deficits, especially verbal abilities.6
    • Teens who are regular marijuana users often have short attention spans, decreased energy and ambition, poor judgment, impaired communications skills and diminished effectiveness in social situations - a set of problems called an "amotivational syndrome" by scientists.
    Parents need to know the facts about marijuana. Setting rules and enforcing them can make all the difference in teens' lives.
    • Youths who are not regularly monitored by their parents are four times more likely to use drugs.7
    • Parents are the most powerful influence on their kids when it comes to drugs. Two-thirds of youth ages 13-17 say losing their parents' respect is one of the main reasons they don't smoke marijuana or use other drugs.8
    • Parental disapproval plays a strong role in turning back drug use. In 2004, youths who believed that their parents would strongly disapprove of marijuana use had rates over 80 percent lower than those whose parents would not strongly disapprove (5.1 percent use vs. 30 percent use rates).9
    • Kids who learn about the risks of marijuana and other illicit drugs from their parents are far less likely to use drugs.10

  2. Well, they're the last ones to talk with a name like highschool.
  3. Are you surprised?
  4. Welll... Heres some real facts.

    Neuropsychological performance in long-term cannab... [Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2001] - PubMed result

    They have also done neuropsychological tests on heavy alcohol or other drug users (pills, crack, whatever, blah) and heavy alcohol use does in fact interfere with the brains neuro activity, and is not reversible. Seems like your school should be doing like mine is, focusing on drinking instead of pot 'abuse.' They gave up that fight a long time ago after a principle was found smoking.
  5. Well it's a school dude, government owned. Of course they are going to have these government provided "facts" posted on them. Who the hell reads their high school website anyways? I never did. Anyone with half a brain knows that is all bullshit.
  6. we are all tired of the governments propaganda bullshit.
  7. ill probably get flamed for this but, i think they are right in some aspects

    i have found MJ to be addictive, i mean its only natural to want to indulge yourself in things that make you feel good

    and i do think it hindered my academics slightly. Im sure there are many daily tokers who can boast a high GPA or great SAT scores, but im just not one of those guys. Sure, ive been slacking in school for as long as i can remember, since before i even smoked, but i do think i use MJ as an escape from my shitty academic situation sometimes.

    but, thats just me you know?
  8. Marijuana contains no truly addictive substances, such as nicotine. However, it can be very mentally addictive. Hell, anything can be mentally addictive. WoW is mentally addictive to millions of people, I was addicted to runescape, gears of war, all halos and cod4. And i was very mentally addicted. To the point that I played all nights, didn't do homework, either slept or thought about it in class. Anything can be mentally addictive. Anything. Marijuana's mental addictiveness is just spotlighted because it is taboo and illegal.
  9. When I was in grade 7 a cop came to our class and told us that smoking weed once would give us flashbacks for the rest of our lives...the only flashbacks I have are from this douche and the crap that came out of his mouth.
  10. Load of bullshit.
    When i first started blazing i didn't smoke a whole lot cause i was still iffy about it all, then i started doing it more often as i did more research and found out that i was fed a load of lies when i was younger, at the same time i was in school and i was getting the highest gpa's i've ever gotten and now i'll be graduating.

    All those statistics are just trying to put fear in to kids and keep their lies going. You simply MUST not let it become your life, if you have your shit straight and your doing something with your life you shouldn't worry about blazing.
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    agreed. bud makes me lazy yeah it helps me relax but I definetly won't be smoking much of it in the fall
  12. This is such bullshit. Anyone who has taken a basic statistics class knows that CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. The kind of implications they're making would be absolutely unacceptable in any other situation, especially considering the limitations of this kind of study: purely observational meaning that only correlation can be inferred, no details as to the sampling methods of this study (how large is the sample, where was it collected, was it random or not, was it anonymous or not), response bias (how were the questions worded, not to mention that surveys are easy to lie in particularly ones regarding illegal activities). Basically if you tried to present these kind of conclusions about anything else as legitimate statistics you would be laughed at. I mean there are just so many lurking variables involved in something like this, I just can't believe they're trying to imply causation, it pisses me off so much when people misuse statistics so blatantly.
  13. Have you ever considered reverse correlation?

    It means that people who are not good at the tests and who lack these verbal abilities are more likely to seek relief from Marijuana.

    Or would you say people are taking painkillers for no reason and then they develope cancer?

    They would have to demonstrate that previously the teens had a high degree of verbal abilities, and excellent test results, and then immediately after starting with Marijuana the verbal abilities disappeared, and the test results went bad.

    Not to say that the tests are nonsense not addressing real intelligence but toy-problem maths, and useless facts that were memorized.

    Yet is it important to know the year when some meaningful rockband formed, some weird jazz style was developed for the first time, and by whom?

    People maybe pass the school tests for maths, even get a degree, but then we get this new lending crisis, a whole nation like Greece totally bancrupt, bailout follows, employment rate rollercoaster for decades, and wall street following it's own, weird, caotic rules.

    So what is the use of maths when people just spend too much, and then must refinance or evn sell their home?

    You say, these are the one's who smoked Marijuana?
    As well I get irreversible brain damage, permanent paranoia, and flashbacks every few days. I took some LSD ten years ago never had any flashback!

    Is it because:

    - I did not drop enough
    - It takes 20 years not ten years
    - It is simply an urban myth and scare story made up by wacko scientists in the 1960s and 1970s

    Oh haha yes I know soon I get these weird hallucinations just because the few trips ten years ago ESPECIALLY WHEN I SMOKE MARIJUANA,
    and then I will consider straight to jump out of the window for no apparent reason! Only good for me that it is the ground floor actually the windows are not that easy to open.

    Maybe I get a flashback when I see these scammy internet adverts again and again for years I wonder often there is even no product that you can buy.
  14. Ummm these facts seem pretty reasonable, what do you argue with?

    There are a ton of dumbasses who smoke weed and look at all the people on here who drop out or don't even have GEDs and what not (not saying they are dumb perse but they are part of the statistic). Drinking and smoking constantly in high school probably will lead to low motivation, especially in troubled teens who have emotional problems stemming from conflicts in their childhood or with their parents and relatives.

    Using ANY stimulant, including coffee, daily while your brain is developing (even though it develops past 18, at least at 18 its not as rapid as 15) will fuck you up, plain and simple.

    I may be in the minority here but those facts seem legit....

  15. I don't think I agree with much of that.

    I have a GED. Yet, I didn't smoke weed until I was about 20 years old. Same with a lot of people I know. So marijuana had nothing to do with dropping out of high school (for me at least.. it was more that the teachers were fucking morons and wouldn't give me credit because I missed too many days due to other stress).

    I would have been considered a troubled teen as well but I never smoked or drank in high school... So you really don't need to have any of those things involved to be a drop out. Hell, my little brother dropped out as well and we both got our GEDs.. neither of us were smokers or drinkers in HS.

    I also don't agree with those "facts". I'm sure even if I smoked weed in HS, I'd still have left with good grades (even though I got no credit for them).

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