Sold for $4.20 Million

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  1. Sold for $4.20 Million
    Elliot'sBlog / 11,29,2011

    As the end of the year draws closer, another great descriptive domain name has changed hands for a significant amount of money. Shortly after I reported's sale of, the 6th largest public sale of the year, TechCrunch reported that was sold for $4.20 million. Of course, “420” is a popular number amongst marijuana smokers.

    The domain buyer is WeedMaps Media, Inc., an entity of the publicly traded General Cannabis, Inc. The acquiring company is keeping the popular forum that exists on, so it likely won't be treated as a domain sale. The press release announcing the sale mentioned that the forum has over 300,000 registered users and has been online since 1995.

    At the end of October 2010, the New York Times had an article discussing the increasing popularity of marijuana-related domain names. In the article, it mentioned that had been purchased for more than one million dollars back in 2004: “ The New Jersey company that paid over $1 million for marijuana .com in 2004 says it has turned down five offers for more than $2 million for the domain in the last 12 months.”

    It looks like a very smart acquisition for a company that wants to be the main source for Marijuana information online.

    It is good to see someone make money off of marijuana and not get busted,,,so far. ;)
  2. Sold me and no check,,,damn!
  3. would suck big time if the gov censored it with that new bill
  4. In other related news.

    I'm selling :)
  5. [quote name='"TinTizzy"']would suck big time if the gov censored it with that new bill[/quote]

    No copyright infringement and the gov cant touch it. Besides its not passed yet. Have hope
  6. WOW, nice sale. I have several 'Marijuana' related domain names, however none even as close to as good as the above mentioned. Lots of $ to be made in the Marijuana industry in the future. Good sale, and smart buy in my opinion.
  7. Makes you wonder how much this forum is worth...... isn't it ;-), especialy if you see community is one tenth of active than that of

  8. It is all about the name,,the buying company hasn't even contacted the admin over there yet but I am sure they will.:smoke:
  9. the name is nice, but content is king.....


  10. no doubt,,the name alone was worth the cost to the new owners because they want to be the goto source for marijuana,,the name had to be bought just for the search engines,,whether they will improve the site or just allow it's community to continue running the same forums remains to be seen.:smoke:
  11. WeedMaps Media will expand’s existing functionality as the leading destination portal in the cannabis industry by adding user generated reviews, videos and other community-focused content. Beta testing for the new website is scheduled to begin after the name and control transfer early next year.

    We will find out next month.
  12. It's a pity they won't get 100% traffic, because 90 % of the USA is illiterate and cant spell Marijuana
  13. it's weed right?? ;-)
  14. While I agree that quality content is king, when you do a google search using "marijuana" and a google search using the word "weed", comes up as the 4th and 6th result on the first page, respectfully. is nowhere to be seen. :confused_2:

    Which is a damn shame, imho.
  15. What is this new bill?
  16. Thats a dangerous double entendre (for lack of a better word)

    Thats how my second wife trapped me.....English not being her first language, I showed her marijuana for the first time, and she thought I said Wanna Marry ?

    Next thing I know shes callin her family with 6 brothers tellin them were getting married, Needless to say , I cant talk my way out surrounded by 6 of her brothers. :eek:

  17. Should try selling it for $420 mill, $4.20 mill just doesn't cut it nowadays. :smoke:
  18. I think I could get by on 4.20 million for anything,,without cutting too many corners in my budget,,even after taxes.

  19. We all could, but who wouldn't want even more money? 4.20 mil, you're set. 420 mil, you and your kin are set.
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  20. Any OGs from on here?

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