Marijuana causing lung cancer?

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  1. Since tobacco kills approx, 440,000 people annually in the United States, does that include from tobacco causing lung cancer? And if so, since the annual deaths of marijuana are zero, does that mean nobody has ever gotten lung cancer and died from only smoking marijuana?
    I hope that made sense haha
  2. yea pretty much
  3. mary jane puts a little bit of, how do i say this? a little bit of irritation of the lungs but i dont think ive ever read from a certified scientis, etc... that it leads to cancer
  4. :bongin:
  5. Smoking anything is bad for your lungs. Period. The people who get high-strung on the fact that marijuana has no ill effects are naive. Does marijuana cause lung cancer? Most people will say no, but there is no doubt in my mind that if you smoke marijuana daily or even once or twice a week, your risks for lung cancer are increased along with other forms of cancer directly linked to smoking of any kind.
  6. Yeah thats what I was thinking.. still though iv smoked every day for pretty much 6 months..:hello:
  7. Hopefully you will still have one lung left if you keep smoking everyday.

  8. Ive been smoking daily for about 2 years, I ought to stop.. it'll probably kill me

  9. Now lets be rational here, you're going to die someday anyway.

  10. If every1 were to think like that we would all be dead :p
  11. I'd have to find the study, but marijuana causing lung cancer has been disproved. The study followed tobacco smokers, tobacco smokers that also used pot regularly, and just pot smokers. Not only did the pot smokers have a lower incidence of lung cancer than the general population, folks that smoked pot along with marijuana had lower lung cancer rates than tobacco smokers.

  12. Yes smoking anything can be bad for your lungs but, marijuana makes for a different situation.

    Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows

    Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors

    It seems as if thc has the ability to shrink tumors, and hinder cancers.
  13. It seems to not just prevent lung cancer, but also head and neck cancers. My advice? Get a vaporizer to limit any irritation from smoking, and know that pot does a body good. :smoking:
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    I am of a split mind on this issue, like the guy who posted above me I believe that regularly inhaling any type of burned plant matter into your lungs frequently over a long period would make you more susceptible to cancer.


    Marijuana Does Not Cause Cancer

    You decide.
  15. what makes you think you aren't already? :devious:

  16. i don't know about it's effects on cancer, but i know smoking isn't good for your lungs. regardless of what you smoke, it isn't a healthy habit. i don't give a shit what anyone says. that being said, i think it should be legal because i believe in personal freedom rather than the government telling us what to do.

  17. Pain, Love, Hate

    if i can feel i am still alive :eek:
  18. It has never been linked to any cancer. Thc is a known anti carcinogen and studies show potiential to cure it
  19. Haha, I dont mean stop forever, just slow it down, daily cant be healthy :smoking:

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