Marijuana Buds for Less: Grow 8 oz. of Bud for Less Than $100 (Paperback)

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    Marijuana Buds for Less: Grow 8 oz. of Bud for Less Than <a href="">00[​IMG]

    Wanna See More Buds? The new book Marijuana Buds for Less by SeeMoreBuds seeks to explain how this can be accomplished in the simplest terms for the hobbyist and closet grower. Beginners, interested in starting up a grow but intimidated by the task, should pick up a copy and get growing. -- High Times Magazine Dec. 2007

    Product Description
    This grow guide keeps it cool and green by showing how energy-saving fluorescent bulbs can produce a crop. Most marijuana cultivation books emphasize specialized lighting that leads to hefty electric bills and requires ventilation and air conditioning equipment to control the temperature. This book keeps it simple: spend $100 on the grow room, and you too can harvest 8 ounces of marijuana. The author SeeMoreBuds, known for his cultivation DVDs, shows how to create the ultimate no-fuss garden. Each day is pictured so you can compare your plants with his. SeeMoreBuds keeps the garden simple and cheap by using compact fluorescent bulbs. This keeps electric bills low and the closet cool. All supplies are available from the local hardware store...except the seed.

    From the Author
    This is a personal grow journal showing the absolute easiest way to grow an amazing plant. All the details have been recorded so that it can be easily replicated. Just turn the pages, one day at a time. Peace & Love, SeeMoreBud

    Marijuana Buds for Less: Grow 8 oz. of Bud for Less Than <a href="">00[​IMG]
  2. Bought this book last night and it is fully illustrated with a day to day grow from seed to weed. It showed the products to buy and how to build it with very minimal space. grew 3 plants and harvested 1/2 pound easily! Great addition to my library!
  3. I was looking at this book last night at the book store. It had some very valuable information. I'm thinking I will probably go back and pick it up.
  4. good choice i do say!
  5. i got this book when i started last year. i think the day by day picture journal is helpful for a beginner, since you don't know what to expect. but i think it makes the process seem too simple. great book when paired with a technical grow book.

  6. you bought it last night and already grew a half lb?
  7. No, I didn't. That's what they yielded in the book. Sorry, I guess I didn't word it correctly. My bad.
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    just downloaded the book! they had mircale grow in it for the soil tho huh i thought that was a no no?
  9. I bought this book and Im honestly starting to question alot of things ive heard before,For my next grow Ill be picking up some MG organic soil like the book suggests.

    His plants in the book looked amazing,and with half a pound off 3 plants I have a feeling he knows what he is doing.Thats a pretty good yield on CFL IMO.
  10. I actually took the MG out when I transplanted them. I kept the green marker to indicate which strain I had in a certain pot. I'm not recommending the MG. I used it during germination, and they took right off!
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    honestly i grew a plant once in miracle grow organic soil indoors, and it was by far the worst soil ive ever used hands down. it has terrible aeration and holds water towards the bottom way too long. it ended up killing the plant because we were unable to transplant. i took excellent care of the plant didnt over/under water, over/under fertilize had everything ph balanced and it was just getting worse and worse by the day. Dont get miracle grow organic soil
  12. can anybody say from experience that they have used this method with the miracle grow organic soil and had good yield?
  13. i'd like to know the same thing, i'm gonna start my first grow in a few weeks and i have the mg organic indoor soil
    which one is best from experience?
  14. to be very honest ive allways used mg soil to grow my plants and never had any bad luck so on that i did use it out doors never indoors this will be my 1st run in doors with lowryders i hope ill have very good girls here with it ill so some post when they get going just put them in paper towles to germ wish me luck:hello::smoking:
  15. if you amend mg organic soil with about 3:1 soil to perlite the aeration will be much improved as i have learned through my grows
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    Just picked it up off Amazon for 12 bucks.:hello: <object width="0" height="0">
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  17. should be here any day now:hello:
  18. whatssup... :smoking: thats is an excelent book :D:D
  19. This is definately an excellent book that any beginner should own. I intend on starting a grow based off this book in an effort to replicate the results. I will post the link to my grow journal when it happens.
  20. Alrite guys

    yeah i read this book its pretty good. handy for the noob.....i found it on a website some time ago.. i wil upload it so guys can download it easy.........i will use rapidshare

    just download it as a free user...shouldnt take long

    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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