Marijuana Bill Introduced in Senate!!

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  1. The Marijuana Policy Project helped make history this week when, for
    the first time ever, a bill designed to protect medical marijuana
    patients and providers was introduced in the U.S. Senate. MPP worked
    closely with the office of the bill's lead sponsor, U.S. Sen. Richard
    Durbin (D-IL), to help craft the bill and lobbied hard to ensure its
    introduction. We hope that you will now contact your two U.S. senators
    and urge them to support this legislation.

    Please visit to e-mail your senators a pre-
    written message explaining why it's necessary to provide federal
    protections to patients and caregivers who use and provide medical
    marijuana in compliance with state laws. With the U.S. Supreme Court
    less than two weeks away from hearing a landmark medical marijuana
    case -- Ashcroft v. Raich -- this is a perfect time to make your
    feelings on this subject known. The whole process will take less than
    two minutes.

    Like the House version of the bill, the Senate "Truth in Trials Act"
    (S. 2989) -- introduced on November 17 -- would end the federal
    government's gag on medical marijuana defendants in court. By
    providing an affirmative defense to federal marijuana charges, this
    bill would not only ensure that defendants could introduce evidence
    about the medical aspects of their marijuana-related activities, but
    it would also keep such defendants from being sent to federal prison
    if it is determined that they were acting in compliance with state
    medical marijuana laws.

    Both U.S. senators from Vermont -- Sen. Patrick Leahy (D) and Sen. Jim
    Jeffords (I) -- joined Sen. Durbin in introducing the bill.

    We can stop the federal war on doctors, patients, and caregivers. But
    in order to do so, we must turn the 80% public support for medical
    marijuana into a political force. This transformation has already
    started, with more and more national organizations making formal
    declarations of their support for safe, legal access to medical
    marijuana. For example, in June 2003, the American Nurses Association,
    representing 2.6 million registered nurses, passed a resolution in
    support of "legislation to remove criminal penalties ... for bona fide
    patients and prescribers of therapeutic marijuana."

    Please do your part to show your U.S. senators that support for
    medical marijuana is widespread. Visit and
    send an e-mail today.
  2. i did it ya...... DO IT TO.....:smoking:
  3. I can't get the link to work.
  4. i know that happen to me to at first just keep clickin',lol or copy tha link and put it on ur INTERNET EXPLorer paste it:smoke:
  5. Sorry about the link. It was a copy and paste from an email which must have messed with the scripting.

    Try that link. Should work.
  6. it's all good is this kinda like a internet petition thing in-a-way???well am tellin' all my friend on aol/yahoo to do this to....:smoke:
  7. I suppose you could say this is kinda like an internet petition thing, but really it is a letter directly to your elected Senators of your state.

    The problem with many of the petition that exist out there is they don't include an address and full name. Instantly thing like that are discarded.

    At least with a formal letter, congressional staff is required to file a report about the letter.

    I urge you to send a letter off. The message is prewritten. If you wish to compose your own message, you can. You can choose email or fax which is instantly sent electronically, or you can print it out and send it through the postal service.
  8. o ok,,, cool thanks

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