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Marijuana bad for the heart? read here

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cenuke, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. "Because of the lower blood pressure and higher heart rate, researchers found that users' risk for a heart attack is four times higher within the first hour after smoking marijuana."

    I read that quote from many sites and I dont understand it... How is it bad if your heart is beating fast while blood pressure is low? Isnt that just like exercise? Does that mean, anyone who exercises is at risk of having a heart attack?
    Is that statement true, that makes no sense to me can anyone explain?

  2. I'm not sure , but I thought that higher blood pressure was the cause of a heart attack . :confused: That's just an assumption though .
  3. dont worry about. No one has ever died from smoking pot. No one has ever gotten a heart attack.
  4. i have high blood pressure i smoke and i never had a heart atk
  5. Thats not true. People with an underlying heart condition can and have died while smoking cannabis, due to the tachycardia it produces. But Ill waiting for Igotthecottons to show up and own you though, if you still disagree, as hes a million-fold more knowledgeable on the subject at hand.

    Read this though.
  6. Right but marijuana does lower blood pressure right? I just dont get how low blood pressure and high heart rate is bad when its the same as exercise, can someone confirm if this even makes sense? No one ever said exercise is bad.
  7. If your heart is healthy enough for rigerous exercise (like cardio-vascular/aerobic type shit), then it is healthy enough for weed. UNLESS, and this is extremely important, you have certain electrical problems (Like Long QT syndrome for example). If that is the case, smoking weed can very easily kill you.

    A lot of people throw the term 'heart attack' around incorrectly. A 'heart attack' (referred to in the medical field as a "myo-cardial infarction", and is a blockage of one, or more, of the arteries that directly feed the heart muscle. It is typically caused when plaque builds up inside the artery wall, and eventually ruptures out and clots... Blocking the artery, and starving the heart of blood & oxygen.

    High blood pressure is usually caused by the narrowing of the arteries throughout your body in response to disease (coronary artery and periphrial (sp?) artery disease). It is not the cause of the heart attack, it is more-so an indication that you may be close to having one.

    Not true. People have dropped over dead while in the act of smoking weed. No one has ever died from over-dosing on THC - would be a better way of saying what you're trying to say.

    And yes - it CAN cause a heart attack in someone who is already at risk due to the increased work-load it puts on your heart. If you are not healthy enough for cardio workouts, you should not smoke weed... Or anything, for that matter.
  8. I understand but how can one compare the differences of rigorous exercise and the heart effects of marijuana? Basically, if I have a healthy heart, can smoking marijuana daily for example, ruin your heart a little bit? I know some fit dude who smokes marijuana every day, like 5 blunts a day not on saturdays thought where he works out, but he tells me that his heart rate elevates only like to 90 when he smokes and his resting heart rate is 60, and He has been smoking for like 6 years every day alot of weed and his heart is still healthy..

    So can marijuana "ruin" a healthy heart? If so, im guessing barely
  9. So should people stop using the "no one died from weed" argument?
    Honestly asking.
  10. They probably should, because the effects of weed actually HAVE killed people. But it's perfectly fine to say that no one has ever OD'd on weed, and that it's perfectly safe for people with no pre-existing conditions to toke.
  11. People have died from weed during a method of ingestion and/or because of other underlying causes.

    No one has died (assuming they weren't having other serious medical conditions) from purely being exposed to marijuana's THC, even in large amounts (you'll pass out from being too high than dying from OD).

    You can die from the smoke, because smoke will obviously fuck you up, you can die from the effects if your body isn't healthy, but this is the case with other stuff other than weed (like running vigorously if your heart isn't safely fit for heavy cardio workouts).

    Using "no one ever died" from weed is more of an umbrella term for the "thc" case. However, a person should always question that anyways...unless they believe everything they're told.
  12. It is possible that smoking it can cause heart problems... 'Cause let's face it - smoking anything is bad for you. But as far as THC giving you a heart attack? Not likely - again, unless you've got underlying conditions.

    Absolutely. They should change it to "no one has ever died from a THC overdose".

    Good post :)
  13. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I fell that I need to post something relevent to this discusison that happened to me 2 days ago. I'm 49 YO, overweight and taking medication, lisinopril, for high blood pressure (hyper-tension). I smoke the other day with a friend and passed out to the point an ambulance had to come get me. Read on if interested.

    No conclusions here, just some anecdotal information for those wanting to be informed. Friend and had 2 beers and I took just 2 hits of some killer purple shit (no idea what it's called) but quite possibly the most potent weed I smoked in my life. I stopped after 2 hits because I was quite satisfied. A few moments later I started to black out. I finally hit the floor and came to immediately. Stood up and passed out again like right away. On the ground I started to feel better and thought it would wear off. 30 minutes later - stood up, same thing - shit!

    Called my wife to come get me, she's a respiratory therapist. When she arrived she couldn't get a pulse! I was foggy but conscience and making fun of this. Stood up to leave - passed out. She called the ambulance immediately. The paramedics arrived tried to prick my finger to measure my blood sugar and they could barely get me to bleed! Took forever to get a single drop of blood! Paramedics couldn't get a blood pressure reading either. In the ambulance, after several tries they finally got a BP reading of 72/50. Not good. Remember, I'm on medication for HIGH blood pressure. My BP was so low, nobody could feel my pulse (though heart rate was fine) and I couldn't bleed!

    After spending the night in the hospital and numerous test - ekg, echo-cardoigram, etc, they have no idea what was wrong - I checked out normal other than slightly dehydrated. Of course, due to the assinine laws, I couldn't tell the docs I smoked some killer weed just before this happened. However, during this process wife discovered that my BP medication bottle listed 40mg dosage of lisinopril. We both recall my dosage to be 10 mg! Turns out I've been taking 4x's the dosage of my BP medication for a couple of years due to a clerical error!

    Now, I'm not suggesting this is conclusive. There were several factors that should be considered. I lost about 20 lbs in the previous 6-8 weeks, was slightly dehydrated, empty stomach, drank 2 beers, over-dosage of BP medication and smoked some killer weed - almost killed me due to blood pressure drop.

    Hope this helps someone someday. Thanks.
  14. "I lost about 20 lbs in the previous 6-8 weeks, was slightly dehydrated, empty stomach, drank 2 beers,"

    Hon, by 49, you ought to know better! :eek:

    The pot played its part- dropped your already low blood sugar, and the overdose sure didn't help things! But alcohol, dehydrated, on an empty stomach? I'd expect that from a brainless, twenty-something kid*!

    Number of lessons here, kids. Pay attention- and learn from the mistakes of others! (Somewhere, I once read that "True genius is being able to learn from the mistakes of others!")

    First lesson- Make sure you are getting the right prescription. This happens a lot! Two months ago, I was given the wrong medication. It was just the natural vs the synthetic form of thyroid, but never-the-less..... Know what your doctor prescribes for you- what it looks like and how many "whatevers" it is!

    Do not drink on an empty stomach.

    Do NOT drink alcohol if dehydrated- alcohol further dehydrates you! To change of that poisonous alcohol into a safe sugar, your body will grab water it really needs for other things- like blood. A smaller volume of blood can lower blood pressure. If you drink, ALWAYS have some water before going to bed! Dehydration is a major part of a hangover.

    Be aware that toking on an empty stomach can cause a drop in blood sugar, leading to nausea, feeling bad and even passing out. His blood sugar was likely low from not eating. Toking hungry can also lead to pigging out, which may lead to other problems. If you are diabetic, or have other blood sugar problems, please be careful.

    Know the effects of the interactions between any prescription drugs you take and alcohol. Cannabis is USUALLY able to mix with other drugs without major problems. It makes pain killers more effective, lessens the effects of propofol and there is an "Interactions" section in my list (linked below in my sig) if you want more.

    Smoking ANYTHING increases your chances of a heart attack. The Co2 and, worse, CO increase your risk. Get a vaporizer and use it properly!

    If you diet, slow and steady with good nutrition is better than fast and nutritionally unbalanced. What you put (or don't put ) in your body now, will affect you later on in life. Might be a week, when your diet-weakened immune system fails you and you get a cold. Or it might be years later, like with alcohol and cirrhosis of the liver, or osteoporosis and a low calcium diet. Everything has consequences.

    Just remember, this guy could have easily killed himself like that!


    Granny :wave:

    * GC is not going to have any "brainless twenty-somethings", if I can help it! lol Education is where it's at!
  15. I have heard that the chances of having a heart attack increase while you are inhaling marijuana. This does not mean that weed is bad for your heart. In fact it is good for mine because it relieves stress.
  16. Is true with lots of things. Don't go in hot tubs, over excersize, etc. This is true if you have HEART PROBLEMS! Smoking weed increases heart rate.
  17. Well that depends. The argument can still remain technically valid when referring to someone "overdosing" on MJ and dying, with the death being linked explicitly to MJ and MJ only. AFAIK, that number still remains at zero.

    It's kind of like saying no one has died using a fork, yet plenty have died from consuming what is on said fork.

    Point is there are a lot of things that people die from. MJ can be a catalyst at times much in the same way rigorous sex can be for someone who's not physically prepared for it, or has an underlying condition, yet oddly enough people don't say the sex killed them. The actual COD is almost always linked to another condition.

    You know what the number one killer of all humans is? Mortality. We all gotta go sometime. I'm thinking I'd like to be high as a kite when I go, but we'll see...
  18. Marijuana is good for the entire circulatory system.

    It's not bad for the heart - It's bad for the lungs if you smoke joints and blunts OBVIOUSLY.

    Vapor it if you want to eliminate that factor
  19. Good grief! Thank God you're alive man!
    I can't believe that your Dr has has you on that medication for that long!
    There is no one to blame anywhere, especially not you, except the Dr!
    I hope you are going to get a lawyer and file a malpractice suite!
    Again, good to hear you live to toke again another day!
  20. It maybe bad for the heart but it's good for the soul:smoking:

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