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Discussion in 'General' started by J@ck, May 24, 2006.

  1. I got caught for bud a couple months ago, part of my court sentence has been to attend 3 AA NA or MA meetings. I wasnt aware that there was such a group as Marijuana Anonymous. So i defenitley wanted to check it out.
    So I went, and, it was great. A group of 10 or so people, most of whom had been smoking for 20+ years, and they welcomed me with open arms whether I had planned to quit or just there for the learning experience. They were sincere about it, what it seemed like, is most of them had other addictions but Marijuana rooted it. After kicking their other habits getting rid of weed was the last big step to recovery. I was blessed to witness one of the members 1466 day of sobriety. At that point she was there to lead others down the same path.
    They understood as well as we do why we smoke. No propoganda, no bullshit, just real people with real stories. As much as I'd like to detail those stories, because some are amazing, I have to respect the groups anonymity.

    It was awesome to see another side of weed, its good to see all aspects. So, as ironic as it may seem, light a bowl or at least give a shout for those recovering and have the stamina as well as wisdom to know when to quit that, and much more addicting substances.
  2. That's really awesome!

    I'd like to know their stance on responsible recreational use.

    It's really good that you can see another, somewhat negative side of recreational marijuana use. It's good that they don't attempt to skew your perception with false and manipulated statistics.
  3. Yeah really, it sounds like you had a very informative tyme, and learned a little in the prccoess. Wow that sounds pretty neat man. Well I will toke one for your MA buddies tonight. JOE>

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