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Marijuana Anonymous

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Xavior, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. Well heres the problem....I smoke too much weed. I think I average like 3 grams a day, and I always feel like crap the next day when I do NOS. This is the wrong place to post this, but I was wondering if people could give me some pointers on how to fucking slow down.
  2. see now i didnt say 'stop smoking', just 'slow down' hehe

    if i were u id kill myself....or start growing - SHAZAM!!!!!!1

  3. I plan on using an old dresser that I'm turning into a grow box....according to the plan, not only will it look like a normal dresser, but if I do it right it should be light-tight and smell-tight too
  4. yeh, trouble with growing is that id hafta keep everyone out of the attic...thats where my grow would be, and currently thats where we smoke, so its gonna be hard to make up excuses of why we cant use the attic anymore.
  5. it no real advice i can give you to help you cut back on smokin, its somethin you gotta do on your own. If you know your gonna feel like shit the next day then just dont smoke, if its really that hard for you to quit then you really should go see a counsler cause weed shouldnt be that addictive and if it is you got a problem that does need to be takin care of.........Weed aint that addictive but some people do have addictive personilites and do get addicted, if you do get addicted then theres no reason why you shouldnt go seek some help.
  6. i am just like u, cant find any weed anywhere, im jus starting to grow outside, jus get some seeds from JohnnyReeferSeed he jus asks u to send him $3 and u get a bunch of outdoor, or whatever kinds of seeds u want. and u should grow in the woods or a forest.

  7. MA, now theres one group I wouldnt mind attending! those aa groups are such a drag!
  8. Shit half the people ive smoked with may or may not remember the encounter, thats a buy of anonimity if ive ever heard it.

    If you want to cut down your going to have to lower your tolerance go a few days without smoking and then smoke a little bit. Make that little bit last longer. Or you could just binge forever...... :)

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