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Marijuana and Tobacco

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LordofBrussels, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. So I started smoking Cigs first (for about 2 months) then I started doing weed, because it was easier to acquire, and I knew it was not bad for you, esp compared to Tobacco. After I did weed, the same cigarettes I smoked (Belmonts, Du Mauriers), they all tasted really, really bad. I actually couldn't go back to smoking cigs regularly because the taste was so strangely bad.
    One of my friends actually stopped smoking cigarettes for a while too because he found the taste to suck very soon after he started smoking weed. I figure it could be the body rejecting more nicotine after stopping for a bit, however it doesn't explain why it started to be like that after smoking weed for a while.
    Anyone else experienced this? You could probably cut back on tobacco if you get more into mary jane, any takers for that?
    Back to the bowl

  2. MJ is for one, def better for you, lol
    I smoke both, tobacco and MJ in moderation, two great sacred herbs! if you WANT to smoke cigarettes(which i dont suggest except on occasion, roll a spliff bro. most people will say not to, but its just some bud and tobacco rolled into one. its pretty nice man.
  3. Probably because weed is natural and it tastes natural.
    cigs are not natural by any means, filled with toxins, shit filled smoke.  you should stop while you can.
  4. i cant account for taste but i know for a fact then when im smoking weed regularly i never want a cigarette. i havent smoked weed in 7 months, so cigs are my thing right now. i think its more psychological than anything though, while im high my mind realizes that cigs are fucking stupid and a waste of breath and life.
  5. I like a good spliff. Tobacco can help the bud burn a little better, and I smoke cigarettes anyways so I may as well combine my bud and baccy
    I knew nothing about weed and tobies at the time, as it was 6 months ago. Yeah we call them poppers where I'm from, and I don't mind em, but most of my friends can't handle them. I guess starting with filtered cigs with all them chemicals really toughens up your lungs for something as mild as weed huh? xD
  7. I am a dumb ass cig smoker. You are not addicted to it yet, it may be time to cut it out while you still can.
    Cigs are definately not good for you.
    Just curious as to where you're from that's hard to buy cigs? :smoke:
    maybe OP is a minor
  9. how can you just interchange tobacco and weed theyre two completley different things used for completley different purposes... if you like the action of them why not just by some candy stick cigarettes lol
  10. Well, I have developed a pretty bad dislike for tobacco while mixing it with weed for a few months. The dislike has lowered, though, and it doesn't feel as bad when I mix it in, but it seems like I'm clear from any possibility of addiction, rather have withdrawal (which I've never had from neither tobacco nor alcohol) than smoke it when it feels so bad tasting. Not sure if weed smoking is the cause of tobacco dislike, I've actually seemed to have it for awhile since I never liked even breathing in the smoke.
    Maybe you have tasted the great flavor of nature and your body doesn't want to inhale any more of that tobacco shit.
  11. You don't "do" weed, sound like a junky. Easier to acquire? Must be underaged.

    It's cuz weed tastes better and gives you a better feeling. Whenever I'm in a weed binge, ill drop cigs all together and can't stand em, when I start cutting back on weed, I slowly pick up cigs again. When I stop smoking weed all together, I smoke cigs tough.
  12. I smoke both.

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  13. #13 stickyglassOG, Feb 5, 2014
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    I always kinda smoked ciggs on and off until a couple months ago. I would buy a pack and not want to smoke them; I would only do it if I was really baked and vibing. but I really don't like it and never really "craved" a cigarette. so I think i'll stop while I can.
  14. I find pipe tobacco far more disgusting when I'm actively smoking cannabis. Probably because my body has no need for the buzz as I'm already high. Much more of a tainted taste.
    Otherwise no.
    If you are going to smoke tobacco I'd get really nice rolling tobacco. It isn't filled with random shit, gives you a nice buzz, and you get way more nicotine vs a cigarette for a fraction of the cost.
    Low grade is $20/pound lol.
  15. I think I actually prefer rolling a spliff (weed and tobacco), makes it burn better and the hit doesn't seem as intense and harsh. Last time I smoked a fat pure green joint, I felt really sick after each hit, no idea why?? Why would this be?

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  16. Lol how does one "do weed"
  17. Why do people say they "did" weed? It makes it sound like weed is PCP or some shit. But fuck cigs
  18. Don't smoke cigs man. I'm quitting after 6 years of it.
    You're lucky and not addicted yet. Quit and just smoke weed. If the time arises where you are offered a joint try to forget that there's tobacco in it, I personally feel much better pretending it's just bud ;)
  19. i feel like i'm the opposite i always like having a cigarette after i'm all nice and baked. i like getting baked at like midnight then going outside to smoke a cig and look at the stars.
  20. I recently quit smoking cigs after 12 years. Hardest thing I've ever done. Nothing was better after a joint than a smoke. Now I don't mind if someone rolls a spliff ill burn it. But I won't go out of my way to roll one myself.

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