Marijuana and The bible

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  1. So I just got reading a page that talked all about cannabis and the bible.
    It is said that god made cannabis knew it was good and wanted it to be used. From the passages I've read I believe it.
    Anyone else have insights?
  2. the new testament is complete shit, i suggest if your into Christianity and weed do some looking into the old testament, or other ancient religious texts

    new testament is a scrapbook of a wide variety of religious texts bunched into one to control people

    i believe all religion originates from the dead sea scrolls, aka a huge trip report
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    where in the bible does it specifically say cannabis? I thought it says "seed bearing herb"

    which includes cannabis.... but not specifically.

    edit:eek:ops forgot about drugs rule.

  4. how do your beliefs account for the religions that arose before the writings in the dead sea scrolls, which have their own books of scripture which are sometimes 1000s of years older?

    i fail to see how the new testament was fashioned to control people, but the old testament was not. and i say that as a jew who loves the old testament. the new testament is wonderful, particularly the books which were not canonized but would still be considered "new testament" as they talk about the person of jesus
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    im not trying to jump into a debate. this is a DISCUSSION board. im trying to have a discussion with you. cool your jets

    yes, i am well aware of how what is called "the new testament" in every single bible in every single motel across america was made. council of nicea, roman pogroms against the jewish christians, blah blah blah.

    but are you aware that it was jesus himself who coined the term "new testament?" im not going to look up the source for you because thats something you can do. at the passover seder before his crucifixion, he tells his disciples that the bread (his body) and the wine (his blood) shall be a "new testament" (various translations use "covenant" instead of "testament) to them, getting rid of the jewish practice of animal sacrifice as christ was supposed to be the last and final sacrifice mankind needed, according to christian thought

    in my post above, i said that i found the new testament particularly inspiring, ESPECIALLY those books that did not make it into the canonical "new testament" as you are defining the term. any book describing the life and teachings of jesus deserves to be in the "new testament" (and many were before the council of nicea) because they all speak of the "new covenant" of his flesh and blood being the last and final sacrifice mankind needed to fight spiritual death.

    so please calm down. if you dont want to have a discussion dont post on a discussion board

    *edit* i see you deleted your post. i am not a "bible-hugger," i am a hasidic jew with a fascination with scripture in general. i will leave your post quoted so everybody can see how irrrational you were acting before you decided to delete your post and call me something i am not.

    good day
  6. Genesis makes it clear that God's created all vegetation and herb bearing seeds, in the New Testament, Paul says we should submit to the ordinances of man, yet he also says that hypocrites will try to prevent people from eating certain foods, and that everything God has made is good.
  7. Cyanide, Arsenic, Smallpox. Bring it on! :hello:
  8. tornadoes famine and genocide oh my!
  9. those are all man made my friend. :hello:
  10. back to middle school science! :hello:
  11. Can this person vote in elections? I'm worried. :(
  12. @OP

    new testament talks about how we are supposed to keep our body pure and not under the influence of any thing, jesus apparently says that. so ur whole theory is wrong
    ...and its a good thing I'm atheist

  13. i have a question just for a personal survery.
    were you high while writing this?:smoke:

  14. like the people we vote for to "represent" us are any better
  15. Tha greatest!! :laughing::smoke:
  16. And I thought Einstein, the founding fathers of this country, and my dad were enough to convince me smoking wasn't bad....

  17. Cyanide is man made and small pox is gone
    bc God makes people commit genocide...

    People die, there must be no god!

  18. I don't think he means we should never be under the influence of something. He did turn water to wine and gave wine to the people. I mean it's unavoidable as everything influences us. He means we shouldn't be in an altered state all the friggen time.
  19. Wrong, and wrong. Read a book.

    Are you that daft? The argument doesn't go "People die, therefore god doesn't exist." The argument is a little more sophisticated. Christopher Hitchens puts it best in my opinion:

    ""Now, let's take a case of someone who's been dealt a bad hand: what about Fraulein Friesel in Austria whose father kept her in a dungeon where she didn't see daylight for twenty-four years and came down most nights to rape and to sodomize her, often in front of the children… I want you just to take a moment to-since you're so interested in the downtrodden and the helpless-imagine how she must have begged him. Imagine how she must have pleaded. Imagine for how long. Imagine how she must of prayed everyday, how she must have beseeched Heaven. Imagine, for twenty-four years. And no. No answer at all. Nothing! No-thing! NOTHING! Imagine how those children must have felt. Now, you say, ‘That's all right that she went through that, because she'll get a better deal in another life.' ?! I ask you if you can be morally or ethically serious… And Heaven did watch it with indifference, because it knows that that score will later on be settled. So it was well worth her going through it - she'll have a better time next time. I don't see how you can look anyone-ANYONE--in the face, or live with yourself and say anything so hideously, wickedly immoral as that, or even imply it. There. That's all I'll say.""

    [ame=]YouTube - Christopher Hitchens Owns the Christian Book Expo 2009[/ame]

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