Marijuana and the 2010 Winter Games

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    Police to Continue Permissive Approach to Pot During Games in the Home of BC Bud

    Cannabis crusader Marc Emery, of Vancouver, smokes marijuana as he holds a plant at a gathering of pro-marijuana legalization supporters outside police headquarters in Toronto.That sweet scent in the air during next month's Olympic Games might be the smell of success. Then again, it could just be the weed.

    It will be far from business as usual for much of Vancouver during the Olympics, but marijuana advocates and police say the city's laissez faire attitude towards the infamous B.C. bud won't change.

    "Our officers show an exceptional amount of discretion with respect to people smoking marijuana and that will continue," said Const. Lindsey Houghton, a spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department.

    That's not to say police will completely turn a blind eye.
    "There are people who are coming to visit that live in countries where it may certainly not be against the law so I don't expect people will come here seeking to openly contravene our drug laws but you know, I'm sure there will be people who do it and I'm sure our officers will do their best to remind them that that's against the law," Houghton said.
    While marijuana remains illegal in Canada, with the exception of those with special permits to smoke medical marijuana, Vancouverites are known for their relaxed attitude toward the herb.

    It's almost more common to catch a whiff of weed on the streets of this West Coast city than it is to smell the smoke of an actual cigarette.
    "Even though the Games are drawing the people here, people aren't going to be at the event 24 hours a day so I think they're going to be looking for stuff to do in their spare time as well," said Salvador Daswani, co-owner of Vansterdam clothing.
    "Definitely our marijuana culture could be a huge part of that."
    His shop sells a "Vansterdam 2010" T-shirt featuring a man running with a lit marijuana cigarette, blowing smoke in the shape of five rings.

    So far, about 70 shirts have been sold online and at Cannabis Culture, a shop in downtown Vancouver at the heart of the city's "pot block," a strip of stores that includes a cafe where people can bring their own marijuana for personal consumption.
    Vancouver is well-known in Canada for its permissive approach to drug use, including the country's only supervised injection site for intravenous drug users. And it's purported that B.C. bud - the high-potency marijuana grown in the province - is British Columbia's most profitable export crop.
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