Marijuana and Sleep

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by THEeric, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Everything I've read says weed interferes with rem sleep

    From personal experience I can say this.

    If I smoke all afternoon/evening I sleep like a baby BUT if I smoke too close to bedtime I have low quality sleep and am.tired in the morning

    Best time to.smoke is at 420, get super baked, then no more

    hey man. ba-a-a-ack off. I can be a sheep all I want!
  2. Yeah, I think it's a well known fact or side-effect that weed fucks with your sleep.
  3. Help's me with my insomnia big time, I'd rather take back  the 2  hours of sleep lost in the form of deep sleep and wake up well rested and functional  than having dreams usually don't remember and being sleep deprived and less functional.
  4. thats very true.  If you're already having extreme difficult going to sleep like with insomnia, certain substances work well to help get you some needed rest instead of none.  Weed is good at doing this. 
  5. for sure

    Getting half a weed sleep is better than no sleep

  6. I get to sleep fast stoned - and wake back up almost as fast. So I smoke some more to get back to... well, you get it..
  7. Man, so when I lay down for bed I usually vape and watch the x-files until i fall asleep.  So I'm vaping 1-2 hours before sleeping.  Last night I vaped earlier, did not vape again when I laid down, and I sure as hell did have some vivid dreams! Lol. A couple of girls came over, and well... But then they decided to invite a bunch of people over for a party and I had to kick everyone out  :hello:

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