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marijuana and schizophrenia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mjgrow420, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. I have a roommate that just moved in the other day and he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Nice guy and everything it's just that his thoughts get a little cluster fucked sometimes. He takes his meds every day and the other day I could smell weed coming from his bedroom. I'm cool with that and all as I've been smoking every day for years myself. I did some research on google and found that marijuana can make a schizo's symptoms worse. Is this true? Does anyone have any first hand experience with a schizo and marijuana and seen how they react to it? I'd just like to know what I'm up against.
  2. I don't know a whole lot on this matter but i can offer this; my uncle had schizophrenia and the times he had smoked it did not help him and made his symptoms worse for sure. this guy could be an exception but you could just ask... you do live with him
  3. The main thing you will hear on this topic is that correlation does not mean causation. Many of the studies of marijuana and schizophrenia note the correlation between the two occurrences without demonstrating a causation. A biochemical effect of causation has not been demonstrated, as far as I know. I will look for a study I read recently that argued the opposite, that biochemical affects of cannabis might actually alleviate some of the symptoms and that the correlation seen in studies would be a self-medicating phenomenon.

    But then it also comes down to each individual and the effect that smoking has on them, as cannabis is a complex toolbox of ingredients with various effects.
  4. There's a section on schizophrenia in the first link in my sig. Read the studies, learn the facts. Educate yourself! :hello:

    Granny :wave:

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