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  1. UGH! I have to put this in again >.<

    I seen this at the vets office while taking one of my pets to the vet. I had to share it here with you. It's pet insurance in Indiana. I was googling if THC was toxic to pets, and I guess half sites say it is and half don't. I can understand if some animal got to a bag full of pot and ate it, it might be bad. My former neighbor had a dog that ate his ounce once, he wasn't worried though, because the dog just slept all day and ate a bunch. I don't know if he induced vomiting or not. I don't remember what he said.

    But my friends and myself smoke in our houses (mostly my house) and I have plenty of pets. So, it sorta makes me wonder if smoking is okay around pets now??

    I started to look up all this stuff out of curiosity, because I think it's good to keep up to date on somethings. PLUS, what the Dr. said I wanted to see if she was just talking to be talking or actually knew what she was talking about. I asked her about the paper up there, and then went to talk about CBD oil and pets. I have read plenty of sites that says it's ok to give your pets. CBD is very legal here. They sell it almost everywhere, so it's very trendy at the moment. It's a bit controversial though.

    She said that she's not disclosed to tell me that she recommends CBD to pets, because it's still federally illegal here. WELL, she's misinformed on that. I think she was thinking MJ is still federally illegal, because it is in this state. But I've been researching on legit sites and not so much sites (FDA, DEA, education sites, news). Federally in Indiana it's LEGAL to sell and take CBD, but on the FDA site it has regulations and some companies it says are selling CBD with THC levels in it. Which is illegal and federally here. But if you have it regulated correctly, it's fine.

    So, maybe she was still thinking I was talking about Marijuana instead of CBD?
    FDA Regulation of Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Products: Q&A

    Any thoughts?

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  2. My little 7lb doggie is a thief with erb and got a 1/4 oz of mine once. She acted strange for a little bit and slept it off much like daddy does.:GettingStoned:
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