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Marijuana and ADHD

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alrex, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, and mods, feel free to move it or lock it if it is.

    I've never taken ADHD meds my whole life, but been diagnosed. It's pretty severe, and pretty much feels like racing thoughts distracting me from anything I do in my life.

    Never been a good student, got too distracted by what's going on in my head to learn anything. My mind is always somewhere else and simple tasks turn into a big problem. I can't even concentrate on movies.

    The reason for this post is the negative affect marijuana has taken on my ADHD. I feel like somehow the pot and ADHD do not mix well. I never used to be this quiet, depressed and have anxiety. I was always happy until a few months after I started smoking pot.

    It wasn't addictive, but it made me feel good in a different way, sort of numbing my mind while creating other problems which I never identified so I continued smoking for a year.

    Here is my timeline:
    Before I started smoking = ADHD, had a large group of friends, almost went biking every single day when I could, talked easily, no anxiety, no depression

    2 months in = Same thing, happy and hung out with friends

    3 months in = Started to become quiet, a bit more reserved but still went out with friends

    4 months in = Anxiety started to set in, didn't really notice what it was until I was in the school cafeteria at the university I was attending, and the large amount of people sent me into this weird panic that made me break out into a sweat, faster heart rate and I had to sit down so I wouldn't pass out (Don't mistake this for greening out, it was a pure mental thing)

    6 months in = Became super quiet, but a super great listener. I can listen to someone talk for hours and stay interested, but didn't have much to contribute. Hated going to work because I didn't want to be in a large group setting. Didn't bike as often, maybe once every couple weeks. Most days were just getting high watching netflix or playing netflix while munching out.

    7 months in = Started to get depressed, I'm guessing because I was starting to become anti-social and my social needs weren't getting met. I was enjoying things a lot less and funny things weren't so funny anymore. Lost my personality, girls wouldn't take a second look at me.

    8 months to 12 months in = Didn't feel like eating anymore, dropped 100 lbs (270 to 170 lbs) in about a month. Slept 12 hours a day, woke up, got high and played video games all day, went back to sleep and forced myself to go to work when I needed to only on pure survival instinct because I need money to pay for food and rent.

    I'm on day 7 on my t-break, and everything is starting to be a lot more clear in my head. On day 3 I had the sudden urge to go biking, and been biking every single day since day 3. I can concentrate a bit better on movies than while I was smoking pot. I am laughing at stuff again, eating properly, talking a lot more, and haven't had an anxiety attack.

    Sure it could all just be mental, but I somehow doubt it. I'm not saying pot is a bad thing either, it has TONS of positive effects on lots of people, but it just seems it isn't for me. Maybe I'll smoke it every couple of weeks, but no more daily use for me.

    Also anyone find pot has similar effects on them? Maybe it is something common among smokers that have ADHD?

    Thanks for reading
  2. This was a long post so I skimmed through but let me share what I know..

    I find with smoking weed is that it either will help me focus by kind of numbing me towards distractions like if I were reading a book, playing a video game, grilling chicken or anything like that it would only be a positive thing.

    What your doing is relating your smoking with something that could very well be caused by you smoking a lot or by you just not caring. I broke up with my girlfriend 6 months ago and I realized she was my only real stable connection to anything social. But now I realized I just have to make things happen!!!

    We all make a choice to be the stoner playing video games high all day or the one whose being productive in other ways.

    It's up to interpretation. But I sort of went through what you did I just didn't care. I made friends here and there but I've got my own plans for myself.
  3. Smoking helps my anxiety.
  4. Everyones different I know plenty of people where weed helped their ADHD.
  5. Don't listen to what the people above said. That's great for you to realize what is negatively affecting your life so you can remove it.
  6. taking tl;dr to another level bro
  7. I find the pot makes me anti social because i find myself smoking by myself alot too. The thing is strain....
  8. #8 wugwan, Mar 13, 2012
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    It could be the fact that marijane is illegal. Illegality can really get to our heads and cause negative affects to the best of us.

    edit: also, try switching to indica dominant strains that should calm you down a bit
  9. Thanks for the replies. I was expecting to come back to this thread with a crap ton of negativity in this thread, but instead I find a positive attitude from all posters. Thanks!

    Maybe I will try giving indica a try. I think I have only been smoking premium sativas since I started.
  10. I have an attention disorder I swear cuz I can't focus on anything ever and my minds always racing on thoughts and pot seems to make that better?
  11. I have ADHD and weed does the exact opposite for me, it makes me more focused and social. But weed isn't for everyone and if it is making you depressed and anti social, then you need to figure out what's more important to you, getting high or having a life.
  12. At least he provided breaks in the text. I hate huge unbroken walls of text. I never read those.
  13. Lol so wait u smoked before u had "adhd" and were fine but ever since u were "diagnosed" u smoked and are having trouble?! :rolleyes:

    If that's the case its all in ur head, if that's not the case then im high and wasted reading that LONG ass post
  14. its nice to see an educated person talk about how bud is not for them. When i read the first few lines of this thread i thought that it was going to be another dumbass but no. + rep
  15. I've kind of noticed I've become a little less social when I smoked, because I get all these paranoid thoughts that people are talking shit. Not in like a schizo kind of way, but more like a "Wow wtf is she saying over there about me it's probably because she knows I'm high and is talking shit" in school. It doesn't happen ALL the time, but sometimes. When I'm sober it doesn't occur like at all? Idk it's probably just the natural weed paranoia lol.
  16. I got ADHD and love my weed.

    Smoking hasnt affected it much, id say the adhd medication i took for 8 straight years had a much bigger negative effect on me than smoking ever will.

    Different people doe.
  17. complete opposite effects for me. and I got some pretty severe adhd
  18. weed affects everyone differently, i have had some-what similar symptoms to what you described, but what i done was quit smoking for a while, and do things that make you happy; stress can cause anxiety, which is where i think mine came from, but im pretty sure i dont have it any more. i honestly don't have a definite answer on how to get rid of it, just find ways to relieve stress, such as listening to a lot of relaxing music, and keep your mind off things that might get you stressed out
  19. If its effecting you negatively, stop..i dont get these posts about things people dont understand happening to them because of pot and their solution? keep smoking! If it impacts your life negatively, then its just not for you, IMO.

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