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marijuana ... addictive?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Gri77oN, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. this thread is started because I actually wonder.
    my personal experience would be:
    no physical dependence, some psychological dependance.
    (and that if memory serves right is what i read in most non-gov-funded studies)
  2. There is no proof that mj is chemically addictive though it is hotly debated. Nobody has ever suffered from physical withdrawls as with alcohol, opiates, tobacco, etc... It's definately phsycologically addictive. Sometimes under situations of severe stress or boredom I find myself craving a hit but I can stop smoking cold turkey for months and never have physical symptoms like I have had with opiates.
  3. I feel that it's only psychological.

    I can stop for months at a time with only a week or so of bad jonesin...

    after that it just goes down to the point that I'd really enjoy having some, but if I can't, I'll live with it.

  4. totally agree. the great thing about weed is you can stop for a little while and get some perspective. always come back to it sooner or later.
  5. its psychological
  6. But anything can be psychologically addictive! It's not the pot, it's your brain actually enjoying something. No matter what you choose, if something you enjoy is taken away from you there will be psychological withdrawls. If you enjoy driving and your license is taken away, you'll feel it. If you like sex and no woman will touch you, you'll feel it. If you enjoy visiting Grasscity, and their server goes down, you'll feel it.

    It's not the substance, it's you being deprived of what you enjoy.

  7. Yup..gotta agree
  8. Yes...and the pot gives yer brain and you a lot of joy. Then you miss that, so you're psychologically addicted to weed. You contradict yerself
  9. I have a friend (who doesn't smoke) who thinks I'm addicted because I'm always spending, or "wasting" money as he would say on weed. I told him I was thinking of learning how to grow and now he says I AM addicted, I don't think that's true. There have been times when I went 2-3 months without weed, but that hasn't happened in a long time. But even now I've only been able to smoke about 3-4 times a week which is a major bummer. I'm still unemployed and not having much luck, so money is definately killing me.
  10. dump that "friend" ...asap... lol.... :)...
  11. in my opinion its mentally addictive, not physically addictive

  12. start slangin

    thats how i am able to smoke as much as i want without having a job :D
  13. There is no proof of weed being physically addictive... i think people can become mentally addicted to it.. but you can become mentally addicted to anything.. chocolate, or something like that... masturbating/sex... haha..
  14. Pot is most defanately mentally addictive. I know, I was mentally addicted. The problem is when you get to that point in your mental addiction where you feel you need to get high or you either (a) can't function or (b) can't be happy/enjoy your day.

    I got to that point. I felt that I needed weed every day, that I had to smoke every day. When I ran out of pot, I went nuts and starting scraping up money to buy more. At that point, is it an addiction? Yes, definitely! Is it a physical addction? no, but it doesn't make it any less of an addiction.

    I still smoke, but no where near as much nor as often as I used to. The great part about it is that it doesn't take hardly anything for me to get really high. I guess I just realized that maybe I got my priorities mixed up. Like, my life had really started to be all about the smoking, instead of all about the living.

    So, yeah, make sure that smoking is part of your life, instead of your life being all about smoking.

  15. Totally!!

    A lot of things are addictive...I could go twice the amount of time without weed than without cocacola. I'm drinking a 2 litre of it right I'm going to say that as long as my "pyschological addiction"(if that's what you want to call it) to mary jane doesn't surpass my "pychological addiction to cocacola I'll be alright....

    I hate typing cocacola...but I know if I said coke..everyone would get the wrong Idea

  16. YEah, I was like, wht the fuck doesn't he just write coke instaid... I guess that was really clear... but anyways, I'm taking my addiction right now which is chocolate cake and milk!!!

    BTW, Coke [LOL], is probably worst than any drug man, it's like, kidney-killer, some people accually lose one by being hooked on coke/pepsi for several years... some even lose both, and then they get artificial kidneys, which is really severe. Smoke weed instaid, might be illegal, but fuck at least you won't wind up in the hospital eating peas for breakfast,lunch and dinner all the time!
  17. ^thats because the kidneys would have to filter out all that sugar. a lot of things can do that

    anyway, yeah, i'd say that i definetley have a psycological (wow, sp) dependence. im at that point where i'd RATHER be smoking, but i can do without. so right now, whatever. wait, get some money, then ill get some.
  18. I hear THAT!!!

    Oh and to whoever said they were addicted to chocolate cake... man that reminds me of the "Brasseye" series on British Television. They made up this drug called "cake" and got loads of celebrities and politicians to speak out against it even though they'd just made it up.

    One person (I forget whom) even went as far as to say in a tv interview:
    "The worst thing about "cake" is that it's not a "real" drug."

    I need to download that as I can't really remember the episode. 'Twas good though.

    As to marijuana addiction. Alls I've ever had was a hankering for some smoke- usually just after having a party or a big smoking session. It's more that I just miss it because I've just had a massive sesh and it feels a bit weird not being stoned. But if I just don't smoke for a day I soon forget about it.
  19. i love getting high, and its all phycological, if i wanted to stop i would, but i love getting high so theres no reason to.
  20. No, it's not physically addictive. Yes, it's mentally adictive. But then comes the second question... wich is worse? It's not as obvious as it seems and I can't really decide right now.

    Also... not everyone who smokes weed gets mentally adicted... at least not severly. Not all mental adictions are really serious. Some are.

    I'm unlucky enough to be addicted to ciggs, and that's physical and mental. If I started over, I'd have never smoked a cigg and just smoked weed. So much better... and it gets you high.

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