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Marijuana Addiction

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JahGanja, May 25, 2009.

  1. now i do beleive that people can develop an addiction to weed, not necesarily a physical addiction but deffinatley a mental aspect, it becomes habitual if you will. and i know that people will debate this forever. But after watching and reading several shows and reports on addiction Weed is the only drug that once an addiction is formed doesnt tear apart families and people. Alcohol included, it truly is sad that these substances can take control of people, but i feel as though weed as gotten an awful wrap throughout the years...
  2. It's not the weeds fault someones addicted, it's the persons faul for not being able to prioritize there life correctly. Some people just have addictive personalities to so who's fault is it then? No ones realy it's just how it is......
  3. The way that cannabis acts on the brain is different to other drugs like heroin and cocaine. I can't remember the exact science but it is physically impossible to become physically addicted to cannabis because of the way it acts on the brain. You can, however become psychologically addicted which can still be a fairly strong addiction, however it can't cause the same dangerous withdrawals as other, addictive substances.
  4. Marijuana is non-addictive. It is however habbit forming.

    Think of weed like sex.
    Everyone likes it, it feels great, and it only lasts for a little bit. You gotta pay for it in one form or another (nights out for real girls, and either buyin' weed or buyin' growing products), and after you get some you want more.
    However, you can do without it.
  5. anything that causes dopamine to be released can be habit forming.
  6. Well said + rep. If your started to think like that, I suggest you take a tolerance break.

    Toke on GC. :smoking:
  7. you cant get addicted fool..
  8. You clearly don't have an addictive personality. I have spent $100's a week on pot after telling myself i wouldn't smoke this week or something similar. It's not the weeds fault tho, it's mine for being so week mined and not being able to control my vices.

    Remember addiction is just a word, it could mean i just like to do it over and over again, i like to masterbate alot, over and over, i never get enough, i'm addicted to feeling pleasure just like any human. Addiction tho is built up in the general publics mind like it's some sort of crippling disiese monster thing.
  9. yeah but still, it doesnt contain addictive properties, you get mentally dependant, but if your strong enough you fight can fight it easily. but co-sign how addiction is a disease
  10. This has been a long debated thing however there's a very simple answer.

    Marijuana isn't physically addicting. It CAN BE mentally addicting.

    In strong mental addictions and disorders, one's body can develop psychosomatic symptoms. Which means that you can have physical symptoms from your mental addiction.

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    that just means you're irresponsible, not addicted

    addiction mean there's something you mentally or physically cannot go without

    opiate addiction causes a huge amount of pain on the withdrawal, ask glopipop, s w i s h e r, buzzwell or anyone else on the opiate appreciation thread in the Box.

    withdrawals from alcoholism can literally kill you if you quit cold turkey
    withdrawals from benzos can literally kill you, just ask junkiedays, she had a seizure when she went through the withdrawals

    if you smoke weed everyday for 30 years and then stop, nothing really significant happens, you may have some trouble eating or sleeping for a day or two, but that's because you've associated smoking with eating or sleeping, ask oldskoolgrower, he quit for week (i think) a few months back when glopipop was going through heroin withdrawals

    there's no withdrawal forcing you to seek more weed, I've been experiencing this for the last 6 months. Over the summer I was burning a quad a week and an 8th of hash. I went from that to nothing after school started and since I've been working whenever I get my hands on some I'll smoke it every day and then when it's gone...oh well, that's how shit goes.

    If you're putting weed over other life priorities you need to seriously sit down and think about your life.
  12. I don't really believe in an addiction to marijuana but I do believe in how smoking marijuana becomes a habit, not an addiction though...
  13. anything on earth is addictive you just need to control yourself
  14. Weed can be habit prone but thats all self will. If your out spending every dime on weed you need to prioritize big time. If you do it a lot but can maintain it then its fine.

  15. Exactly man right there
  16. i know marijuana is addicting. could just be my personality, but if i dont get a hoot in my day (especialy before bed) i cant sleep. ill be extremely irritable, nervous, and stressed. i also need to pack 2 bowls everytime i smoke, becuase 1 simply doesnt get me that high. BUT, i can say im only a pothead. just a hardcore pothead
  17. its all about self-control. i used to fuck with coke until i just decided one day to stop, havent touched it in years since then. it depends on the person mostly.
  18. If anyone honestly believes that they NEED weed to get by, then they should probably seek help. Because it's not the bud man, it's you.
  19. Just like everyone else in this thread said, weed can be addictive just like sex, chocolate, shopping, or any other pleasurable activity is addictive. However, it will not get someone instantly hooked their first time. To put it simply, there are no chemicals in weed that make it addictive, but like anything in the world, it can be habit forming.
  20. Is the addiction bad if weed is all you do, think, or talk about 80% of the time but still have your priorities and life straight?

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