Marigold Lighting and PAR

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Pharcyide, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone.  This is my first post on these forums so please be gentle :)  Moderators - if these types of posts are not allowed, please delete.  After reading some of the forum rules, I wasn't able to uncover any guidelines regarding vendors posting about a new product but again, feel free to delete this if it's not appropriate.
    I work for Marigold Lighting, the North American distributors for EconoLux lights.  We will be debuting the lights publicly at BIG Industry Show in Spring 2015 and we're currently working with some large operations to provide us some real world data and feedback that we will be sharing with this community over the next few months.  We're also working with High Times who will be testing the lights with their own equipment and including their findings in a lighting guide coming out Spring 2015.
    I wanted to share the video below to get everyone's thoughts/comments about this technology.  I have a busy weekend but i'll try and log back on here to answer any questions as soon as I can.  Our website has some info but we're in the process of updating and hoping to have it completed in the next month. 
    Thanks and i'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks.



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