Marble stuck in friends bong

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  1. Blow really hard?

    Put it in room temp water (upside down) and then put it in the freezer. No rapid temperature change or it could crack. As it gets colder the glass will expand slightly and the marble should fall out.
  2. Try filling up the bong with water and then blowing into the bong so the water pushes out the marble.
  3. Just blow into the tube.
  4. Yeh there is still a little air flow so blowing is outa the question, I was thinking drill it till the marble splits but that might result in the side of the chamber splitting

  5. I'm not kidding dude...
  6. fill it with a good amount of epsom salts and try to slosh it against the marble, I mean a thick amount of it.

    Or try a pen tube or straw and try to suck it out like a mini vac.
  7. one time that happend and I took a peice of tape on the marble and pulled the other end of the tape and it came out
  8. Hammer and alignment punch, it's the only way.

    [​IMG] + [​IMG]
  9. No just this
  10. Also try dabbing a little bit of dish soap on the marble to lube it up to get it out.

  11. yeah man you gotta lube that shit!!!!!!!
  12. so you want to safely get that marble out of that bong without harming the marble right?

    kids these days keep getting their marbles in the strangest places
  13. get a straw and suck it up.
  14. I think you forgot that marbles are also glass, so it will expand and contract aswell, it may work but may be just as stuck as right now.
  15. Why did you put/drop a marble in there anyways..?:laughing:
  16. do not put the bong in the freezer it might break

  17. You have it backwards. As things heat up they expand and then contract as they cool.
  18. Why don't you just smoke the marble?
  19. attach a shop vac to the gong joint
    and also blow into the tube at the same time.
    double whammy.

    either that, or you are going to have to melt the marble.

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