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marajuana holiday destinations.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by im_doing_me, May 30, 2006.

  1. theres amsterdam....jamaica?????...mexico......?

    i have recently heard of areas (im not to good with where everythin is up there in north usa.) in north america around canada and brittish columbia. and further north maybe, there are little marajuana villages with real good shit.anyone know of this.some people go there to pick up and go back thru the borders,,,but i wanna chill there for a week!!

    i live in the united kingdom! so anyone in states know of places like!

    and ps...for all you canadians....ive heard its all good there aswell bud wise!...
  2. Well if I were you, I'd go to Amsterdam.

    It's the most inexpensive in terms of travel (since you're from the UK) and herb/hash is readily available and legal there.
  3. the best location for me is home,,,london...then 2nd amsterdam, where ive been a good few times.i was just wondering where else can i go.
  4. what ever you do, do not come to Lansing, MI. unless of corse you have a thing for mittens. other then that its a very boring mid-western city.

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