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  1. Ok so when I had Gta vice city, san andreas etc on ps2 I knew my way around the city back to back.

    Then I play Saints Row 2 , GTA IV on ps3 that I own and I just can't seem to familiarize myself.
    I played Saints Row for 3 and a half months and still didn't know my way around it:confused:
    Do you know you're way around it or is it just me

  2. i think its just you
  3. Ehh, I found Saints Row to be weird like that. No matter what, I just couldn't remember what damn road went where. I've managed to figure it out, now, but that was some odd shit. I find GTA IV to be much easier to navigate, however.
  4. You're probably having difficulty familiarizing yourself with the buildings and the general area the road takes you through so your mind has no way of making any connection to where you are on the map.

    don't know if that helps, really...
  5. gta 4 is quite different. there are more roads and more realistic layouts of a city. one way here, no way there, both ways here, back to one ways.

    awkward alley way streets and shit, i spend more time in a few sections of the maps so i know mostly where im at but, its a big guessing game sometimes.
  6. you'll get online with ppl that know the city

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