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Many pictures of different amounts (8ths, half 8th, etc.) for help eyeballing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by steampunktripod, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. As everyone says, get a damn scale. assuming you're just buying, you only need .1gram. anyway, i've got a lot of pics from over the last few years, and pulled out any with somethng to compare size to.

    and yeah, i used to take more pics of early pickups, so this is the likely amongst the worst weed ever seen. i look at it now and laugh, i was so naive xD

    anyway..these are all regular ziplock bags unless otherwise noted

    quarter gram, .25 grams, broken up for a joint. that paper is a little over 2 inches long.

    half 8th, quite densee, compressed inside a bag for the day.

    half 8th, veeeery dense (first purple too!)

    half 8th (yes, it's weed, smoked fine)

    half 8th (yes, schwag. srsly)

    half 8th (that's about half a ssnack bag)

    75% of an 8th (picture cut off rest, and yeah, snack bag)

    8th (ahh, dank again)

    quarter ounce (snack bag)

    quarter ounce (that's a sandwwich size siplock)

    half ounce (sorry no good size, but the buds are the same size as the few pictures above (and it's the same strain in like the 3rd above this, so yeah)

    hope that helps you guys either recognize sizes a little better, or just make you realize that we all got shit weed for our first pickups xD
  2. oh, and if your weed looks like most of this stuff, for the love of god, find a new dealer
  3. guy, ur gettin shitty deals, that purple is.... well... not a dub worth imo.
  4. Some of this looks way off. Like some of it looks like way more and then some looks like way less than what you say in the descriptions.
  5. ^ yeah i'm agreein' with them

    come out to california and get some stanky danky
  6. Dude, +rep for this.

    By the way, your schwag looks god-awful. Just sayin'... :)
  7. i got a scale first thing when i started smoking, so that is how mcuh is pictured :p
    and if you actually READ the words in the first post, i said these are mostly my first pickups, back when i had no idea what weed should look like.

    c'mon guys, it's like a paragraph, take the 10 seconds to read it xD
  8. oh, and some of the point is to show how much density affects size. cuz like...that purple was fucking compact. like metal. insane. but that uber dank in the half O and one of the 8ths was quite loose.
  9. just picked this up, 8th of middies.

  10. I think one of those bags had more seed than weed.....

    Good post....
  11. OMG, that reminds me of the kind of shit I used to buy in high school. If only I had known then...

  12. I need a better dealer....

    JUst finding new contacts is so harddd....

    How should i go about meeting new stoners, and therefore finding new dealers???
  13. Man none of them quarters are 7 gs, sorry bro.
  14. all look about right exept this one


    looks only a bit over a gram not a half 8th
  15. these are low quality pictures with bad size references, so everyone saying that they aren't the correct weight are dumb as hell. obviously this dude weighed them out with his scale before posting on here. if people are bad at eyeing weight in real life, why do you think you'd be better at it doing it through an internet photo...?
  16. Some of that weed looks really good, just most of those pics dont look anywhere near an 1/8 or 1/16. Buy a scale i need to soon
  17. no offense but those are some horrible pictures to base your sacks off of. Unless of course you wanna get much less than you payed for. Just get a scale cuz not all bud is the same, some is really light n fluffy while others can be hard and dense
  18. omfg...L2Read

  19. Looks like my roomates weed. Lol. Ah the days of getting ripped off. Things are so much betrer when you learn the tricks of the trade. Good post for the young bucks.:smoke:
  20. Your shwag looks like my cereal =P

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