Manual Transmission, bane of my existence?

Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Well, today I went touring around Motor City with the $1600 I have saved up to blow on a car within the next couple of weeks. I need one to commute to and from school which is a few hour bike ride from here, so it is an inevitable purchase. After two dealerships we came across this one guy who agreed to sell me a late nineties Suzuki Sidekick for $1500 (beautiful, mint condition, engine works great, new stereo), one problem - Manual Transmission.

    Now, driving stick shift is something that I've always wanted to do so I'm not complaining about the decision to go back tomorrow, pay the guy, take an hour long test drive/lesson and go home, I'm just wondering if any of you who learned on a manual have any idea how long it might take me to pick up?

    The manager of the dealership promised me about an hour behind the wheel in the middle of nowhere, so hopefully I'll get the jist of it by then. I've been watching YouTube instructional videos for the past few weeks and I seem pretty confident (assumptions are dangerous, I know). :D

    So, soon to be fellow stickers, what're your thoughts?
  2. i learned on a manual and my car is a manual. If its a got a 4 cylinder engine it is going to be rreally easy to drive. The hardest part is like stopping and going...once u get the hang of it, it will be super easy. I just let the clutch catch and then give it gas. Some people gas it then let up the clutch...everyone has there different way of do it. I think after an hour lesson u should be alright to drive around, but i would suggest more practice for heavy traffic because its kinda annoying shifting up and down...Also make sure he shows u how to do hills:p
  3. Yea, from what I've seen hills can be tricky. I know from experience because someone who didn't know how to drive a standard didn't gas it up in time and backed into my friends front bumper.

  4. u def get the hang of it...tell me how it goes..i drive my car and its all like memory i dont even pay attention anymore, stuff just happens ha...but if u catch urself watching the rpms and shit...put like something to block em so u dont keep starting at em.
  5. Its up, down, up, down, up and reverse is over to the left and back thats a 5 speed, I've got a s-10 slapp shft lol and i got the hang of it the first day. Its so easy, should take you 20 mins to get the hang of it and doing roll backs in a manual car are sick.
  6. Absolutely man, thanks! I'll follow up this thread with pictures of the new car as well.
  7. I know all of the positions by heart, so that's not a problem really. Thanks for the words of encouragement, I'm pretty excited at this point!

  8. Yes learning manual is good for ya. My dad always said if you don't know how to drive stick-shift than you're not really a complete driver. That's how I learned. Come to think of it. I never have driven an automatic.

    You just gotta get the hang of it. It gets really easy when you practice frequently.
  9. I was taught on an automatic as I don't know anyone willing to drive or teach me to drive a manual, so I guess I'm kind of crossing a border between me and my friends here. They all want me to teach them to drive after I've been doing it for a while, so I guess I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

  10. shit i thought it would be hard but its fucken easy especially when im all blazed and sh!t

    took me like couple times driving manual to get the hang of it but i like it
  11. my first time I got it pretty easy for some people its not that hard you just got to fuck with it alittle n shit idk im ripped
  12. you'll get the hang of it in a few weeks tops but thats kinda the problem

    the more you fuck up the shorter the life of that sucker is gonna be and it'll take least 2 weeks to get the hang of turns 'n turns from a dead stop

    since you haven't paid 'n sealed the deal you may wanna hit up craigs list in your area (be careful as fuck tho...lotta shady assholes who hope you ain't smart enough to get title on payment/ect)

    make sure ya got someone who knows the annoying paperwork ropes if ya decide to look for one on craigs
  13. I perfer a manual honestly ;)(especialy in go fast cars)

    you can get better gasmilage when you get it down :)
  14. It's a little strange at first and not what you're used to, but it really doesn't take long to get the hang of it... I drove one for about an hour or two and had it down pretty good. Some people take a lot longer though.
  15. When I bought my truck I had no clue how to drive a manual (it was only last year).

    I couldn't even test drive it or drive it home (thank you dad-haha).

    With a quick 30 min lesson, some laps around a parking lot- I was set. It doesn't take long to learn, just be confident. I also think- if you understand what happens when you push on the clutch and switch gears then engage the clutch again it is easier. You can almost picture what is happening.

    And don't worry- you will stall it atleast a couple times, you may forget to put it in first when you go to take off from a start, and you may move a little slow when taking off.

    All part of learning.

    Standards are so much fun though- I like it because it gives me something to do while driving.


    Just try not to stall it at a drive through when there is a pretty lady there- definately hurts the ego haha.
  16. this reminds me of jay and silent bob in dogma
    "what gear are you in"

    yeah, i just taught my brother how to drive a stick, its easy as pie...believe me, he takes forever to learn anything, and once you got it, youll be able to drive any car...

    ps, i would also save a little bit after you get the car, just in case your clutch ends up dying...doubt it will, but better to be prepared ;)
  17. I have a 89 mustang 5.0 with a 5 speed transmission

    The first time i drove it i was very timid. This car has an aftermarket cobra clutch thats super super tight and takes about 2x or 3x as much foot effort to engage the clutch as a stock mustang would.

    The hardest part is the 'timing'--Ill always let up on the clutch before I give give it gas, Letting up alittle makes it easier to find the sweet spot on the clutch. If you let up too much your rpm will fall below what it usually idles at and you will kill it, or it will start to slowly roll jerky until you give gas

    you dont really need to give a lot of gas to get your car out of 1st.

    for example if your car idles at 800rpm try turning it up to mybe 900 or 1k rpm as you let out on the clutch instead of mashing on the gas and having the tach reach 2 o clock, or youll hear a chirp
  18. When I bought my tracker I didn't know how to drive a stick my dad dropped me off at the dealer ship to buy it. (Me thinking I would drive his car home he would drive mine) he left me there with my car and told me to get home myself. took a while but I did, I ground some gears and stalled it a few times, got stuck on a hill and looked like a jackass.

    Took me like 3 weeks to get used to it.
  19. Dude when I first got my brand new Altima I was SO PISSED because it was manual, and the day I got it my dad brought it up to Blockbuster (where I worked) and I couldn't even back out of a parking spot without stalling. My aunt taught me how to drive it around the neighnborhood, I still screwed up a bunch of times-- I wanted to break down.

    One day I said fuck it, took it out in the middle of traffic and learned how to drive it myself, after the first 3 or 4 days you'll be a pro. I'll NEVER drive another automatic again, EVER. And I dunno what it is, girls love guys who drive stick shifts--who knew? :)
  20. Thanks guys, I didn't expect this many responses!

    I'm heading over to the dealership today at noon, the weather is shitty so the roads will be relatively empty and I shouldn't have a huge audience for stalling all the way home. I have a friend who can show me the ropes if things go wrong with the dealership guy but I have no choice today. I'm driving and getting the fucking car home. :p

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