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Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. dont ya just hate it when your somewhere and theres some lesbians, but one of them has like 1/4" long hair, and looks like a man? i was at the store today and say a few. thats another thing, today i say 12 gay men, and 2 of the couples were holding hands. and i saw 4 pairs of lesbians today, and in 2 of the couples was a short haired man woman. i was kinda creepy. i mean, your not a fuckin lesbian if your attracted to a woman who looks like a man.:p

    god damn i hate gay men.[j/k:D]
  2. harsh, i hope that last part was a joke or typo... kind of offensive to some of our other posters... (some, one, same thing ;) )

    anyways, i hate hermans too. (herman was the name we gave manly chicks when i was like 7... simple enough: Her + man = Herman :D )
  3. That, my friend, is what you call a dyke.
  4. Or a femailman...wait, no, that's what I call the mail lady :D
  5. I know a lesbian that looks more manly than her 18 year old son. But I don't hate em.. they're doin their thing.

  6. What she said^^^
  7. I'm puuzzeled byt that post.

    you /hate/ gay men .

    not that I'd like U to luv 'em, but to hate them, is not ... constructive.

    I have this tiny problem for myself: am straight male seeking woman; but my personality is attracted to lesbian, and moreove I attract gay men.

    talk about twisted personality.
  8. Agreed with gri77on on this one..

    Why do you hate gay men? Simply because of the fact that they are gay? I can admit at one time I was skeptical of gays, but things have change that image and stereotype for me.

    For instance..
    Simply put, hes a straight up cool person, and hes gay. I see no reason to hate him for the former. Had he been a asshole gay person, then there is merit to hate him..same with any asshole person, whether they are gay straight lesbian or dyke.

    Its not my lifestyle, and not something that appeals to me, but if he isn't affecting my life in any way shape or form, then why exactly should I hate him?

    brings to mind the old slogan of hate based upon race...


    and that my friend is what I beleive we are here to prevent, you know how many people dislike stoners simply for the fact that they are stoners? Never in my life would I say simply put, in any other form of wording, "I hate you, because you are not my ideal of what a human being should be, because you are not me and you are not a person I want to be"

    Judge based upon the content of character, as a wise man once said.

  9. you love anything that will take you for a 'ride'....

    but for the point of the thread... hate is pointless, its just mis directed ignorance.....

    though i don't know what would happen if my ass was pinched...:D
  10. I don't think that hippie john really hates anyone. He just doesn't like manly looking chicks...neither do I!!! :D
  11. p.s. HippieJohn I figure you were probably exaggerating, so the basis of that post was meant just as a statement to haters as a whole and not neccesarily you.

  12. yeahh, i'm sorry, zonedude is a really cool guy. let me put it this way, i hate gay men who kiss and hug and shit in public, to be more specific. i mean, what ever you do is fine with me, but dont do it when i'm waiting in line at the grocery store. thats just not on.

    i seriously started laughing uncontolably at that for at least a good 10 minutes:p

    i dont really hate anyone, just their actions:D

  13. I strongly disagree.

    "merit to hate"

    did you read what you typed ? ..

    there can be no merit in any hatred.

    we can argument into the next life, but you will have a hard time to make me change on that particular subject.


    "Sole is just and good the man whom does not do to Other what he deems not suitable for himself."
  14. well, I used hate as a less harsh word than it really means, as had HippieJohn.

    Hate is a strong word, but often people use it as not so, as I intended. There is never reason to 'Hate'

  15. See this is where I get confused...if you're in line and see a young man and woman kissing or holding each other whilst in love, woulld you be against that?....

    The key to beecoming tolerant to gays is NOT by building a personal philosophy for them...because to do so would make them stand out in your subconscious...

    the true way to be tolerant is to NOT have a philosophy on gays and their relationships..think about it this way.. I know for that at least myself, when I see a man and woman doin their thang, I rarely give it a second why should i do any different for homosexuals? Why even give it that second thought? why feel the need to develop some "understanding" about it?....theyre two human beings in love period...leave it at that and give it no further thought...

    and as for "bull dykes" (PC term)..yes, they sure make pouinting out lesbian couples an easier job for us without gaydar
  16. There are only two people in the world that I hate...and it's only because I'm not ready to work things out to forgive them. I suppose if I went through counseling or something I could learn to forgive them, but it's something I'm just not ready for.

    I hate my dad and my step-dad.

  17. hahaha i have 2 agree! once i was like damn thats 1 weird lookin guy and my mom was like uhhh thats a girl and iv been a hater ever since (happened wen i was like 7)
  18. That's what I was gonna ask.. "i hate gay men who kiss and hug and shit in public"
    Do you hate when straight couples do that just as much?

    Hey, why do gay people.. well not gay people even, why do just gay guys sound.. well.. gay? I dunno how to describe it but every gay dude I've ever met sounds like.. they all sounded like a masculine valley girl with a lisp. Y'know what I'm talkin about? Heheh.
  19. yes i do, get a fuckin room.

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