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  1. Hello GC[​IMG]
    I've been a member here for years and about 3 months ago decided to put all the knowledge I've gained from this fantastic site to use. I want to thank all the dedicated old heads who go out of their way to help and provide so much info and to the newbs who make mistakes which I learn from.

    The rundown:

    bagseed, dirty dirty mexican schwag seeds from multiple bags.
    MG Organic Soil w/ around 30% perlite
    Lucas Formula w/ general hydroponics
    Kool Bloom

    Flowering box-
    12x 42watt soft white cfls
    4x 26watt daylight cfls
    8x 120mm pc fans for exhaust
    4x 4" fans to blow on plants
    1x 6" fan to help cool lights

    Veg box-
    6x 26watt daylight cfls
    2x 20watt daylight floros
    3x 120mm pc fans for exhaust
    1x 4" fan to blow on plants

    Experimental Flower box-
    under construction

    Alright, now I'm already in my 4th week of flowering, so I'm going to take you all on a little picture tour from my start to the present situation. This could be lengthy, we'll see.

    It all started in a cardboard box with 5 different seeds from 5 bags of schwag.

    Re-potted the healthiest 3.

    Time to build a better box. Meanwhile a lot of topping and LSTing going on.

    Get the scrog going.

    To be continued...
  2. Impressive set up. Good job. Im in for the ride. Good luck and keep the pics comin!
  3. [​IMG]
    Sad day, what was my favorite plant turns out to be male after 2 months veg and a week of flowering.

    Chop chop!

    And the rest is sitting back and watching the flowers grow.





    This was about 3 days ago and I just started them on some Kool Bloom. Will post the veg chamber later.
  4. [​IMG]
    Here's the veg box, some mothers for now and some clones I'm experimenting with. In the future this space will just be for the moms.

    This is the future clone chamber, will put some t5s in there at some point.

    This is an unfinished experimental flowering chamber, its only about 1sqft and 2 ft tall. Might use it for sexing or try to see how much I could squeeze from a SOG. I constructed all of this with a drill, hack saw, and a jig saw, with no real carpentry experience.
    I would appreciate any feedback or advice of any kind, I did some homework but am still a newb by far. I'll try to update this weekly, thanks for stoppin by.:gc_rocks:
  5. Its all awesome....keep up the work
  6. dude thats sick as. if only i could have a setup like that right now :rolleyes: lol
    you should do up a smoke report when its done i bet it wont taste like dirty dirty mexican schwag itl taste like mary janes cured pussy :yummy: haha
  7. Thanks for the comments y'all, I'll definitely update this thread as often as possible if people are interested. And yeah, I find it really interesting that some nasty schwag can produce such decent looking plants, I do plan on ordering some good genetics after I'm a few harvests in though.
  8. Flower day 39


  9. Wow. Very impressive for a "noob". I'm just starting to do research, but i've been wanting to do a grow for the longest time. Can't wait to start getting things together.
  10. Wow, there coming along nice. props bro they look delicious. how many plants and what strain?
  11. my god, what an update.... super sexy pictures...:eek:
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate it. It's exciting for me, nice to share it with people.

    @tonerboner, it's 2 plants, each bagseed from different bags of schwag that looked similar to the soil they're growing in.
  13. wait the schwag looked like the soil?:eek:

    damn 2 plants filled that out nicely. If you dont mind me asking. how many cfl are you running and how much watts are they?
  14. Sub'd, nice looking bagseed.
  15. Sub'd. These babies are growing like no-tomorrow.
  16. Yeah, it was all grown from some really dirty weed, very ugly stuff. The lights in the rack I made are in 4 rows, each row has 3 42watt soft white and 1 26watt daylight. That comes to a total of 608 watts.

    Thanks everyone for the comments and subs, more to come.

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