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Mangoes, anyone?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jd4083, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. #1 jd4083, Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2010
    my favorite part of fall..........the mango haze finally cycles in :hello: smell is "church" haze all day, astringent and incense, with a taste like tropical fruit...more pics to come :wave:

  2. looks dank man, id hit it.
    mango is just a diff pheno of green crack is it not?
  3. Damn bruh that's some fire right there.I can sell it threw my monitor.

  4. actually nope, "Mango" is another name for Green Crack/"Cush," Mango Haze is another strain of the clone-only east coast "elites" :wave:
  5. whoa, i was reading this while exhaling a dab, missed the haze part entirely haha. interesting, you guys and your fucking elites haha. thats one thing i dont see alot of here, hazes, growers here probably hate waiting. just got some silver haze x ogre kush thats dank
  6. daamn that shit looks tasty!
  7. Really nice looking herb, if the smoke's as good as it looks I'm jelous.
  8. my dick is quite hard after looking at these pics..
  9. Mango is one of my favorite strains so I envy you.
  10. Oh ma Gawdd, those buds look sick. what kind of light did you use to take those pics?

  11. good ol NC sunshine and a real shitty 6+ year old Canon point and shoot :wave: thanks man
  12. ya sunshine is the best for bringing out the trichs. i have a nikon d40
  13. one more for the night :p

  14. *ughh* looks so good i shat my pants:eek:
  15. Im smokin on some Mango Kush right noww thats ultra dank but it looks way diff than this.
    Haze vs Kush i guess lol
  16. lol loooks like my christmas tree
  17. mr nice mango seeds r orig so i dont see how its clone only, it looks like one of better phenos but certainly not clone only.

    njoi looks v tasty

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