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  1. Ordered some of this strains seeds a couple days ago. Anyone have any experience with this strain? I have heard it starts out slow and then explodes so I'm not sure if I should be pushing the flowering early or not. Any input would be awesome, thanks guys!
  2. I'm growing papaya right now, it's the same strain as mango.. You can check out my journal and check it out

  3. I'm also growing it at the moment. I have some relatively serious heat stress as I cannot get my grow room temps under 90 degrees. Will be able to give a better assessment in a few weeks.
  4. I really hope your turns out better than the shit Mango I smoked. The batch I got was some of the worst buds I've ever had. Really harsh. Hopefully that was just a growers mistake.
  5. Anyone have any good info on after the seedling stage (over once second set of leaves pops right) I should be vegging it for? I heard it explodes once you start to flower it so only leave it in 2 or three weeks of veg? Also planning on LSTing them, 4 plants total, hoping for 2 females.

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