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  1. I bought mango clone and the collective told me it's straight Mango and it's Mango x KC33 and it suppose to be Indica plant but it looks more like Sativa haven't seen anyone that grew mango so anyone grew this before see if it's the same as yours


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  2. I am growing mango kush also. Got it from harborside. Mine looks a lot different. wider fan leaves. You should be able to the by the smell. Mine smells like oranges and is a wide as it is tall. I heard mango Kush is a good outdoor plant with huge buds.
  3. I don't know it looks lanky so I replace them with Mr Nice.
  4. I got Mango also and it has short fat leaves. I got it as a fem seed. Nice bright green not dark at all.
  5. Probably just the phenotype you have from the mother. Give it some time to fill out and look more indica
  6. Yea I transplanted to a smaller grow box and I'll know in another month or 2 and I'll post it back here and see if mine will be as good as yours.

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