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Mango Theory

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BamaFan14, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Sup Gc, I was ripped and thinking about the Mango and
    Reefer thing, Maybe Mangos reset your tolerance because I ate one yesterday and smoked and it felt like the first time then i smoked today and it felt like the first time again. So im thinking maybe that when you eat a mango it just resets your tolerance so if you eat more than one before a few weeks it wouldnt really do anything since your tolerance hasnt had time to build up. I know this probably doesnt make any sense but I was just thinking about it.
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  2. Well mangos do increase the intensity of your highs so maybe that's why you felt "reset." :smoke:
  3. Mango get's your blood to move faster,causing it to move in your brain faster.The THC you smoked is in the blood.So it causes your high to boost.Nothing else.

  4. There is no logical way that a fruit can simply reset your body's acceptance level of certain chemicals.

    i do believe mango's do have a certain chemical in then which allows THC to flow to your brain more easily, i'm almost positive someone somewhere said that its been scientifically proven but i can't support that claim.
  5. Mangos are the reset button to life.
  6. Take the red mango
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    This should help... a few things I've posted in past threads:


    For a much higher concentration of myrcene (the terpene in mangoes, responsible
    for the 'enhanced effect' noticed by some), a more economic investment would be a
    bottle of hops extract, or lemongrass oil.

    These are generally found in organic shops, as simple flavoring elements and supplements,
    that normally would not be advertised or known for their beneficial anti-cancer/anti-mutagen,
    sedative, and cannabinoid-enhancing

    Fresh and homegrown cannabis, that has been properly cared for, should already be fairly loaded with myrcene.

    People will only notice the greatest amount of improvement, when this 'trick' is used in conjunction with older,
    lower-grade herb, where its terpene content has already diminished.

    Some lemongrass oils are up to 25% myrcene, and you get trace amounts of limonene (another
    terpene in cannabis), as well....

    A mango is healthy and tasty, but effect-wise, if it's the myrcene you're after, there are better options. [​IMG]

    There are terpenes that can benefit and enhance your life, as well the effect of your cannabis, in many plants...


    \t\t\t\t\tOriginally Posted by BadKittySmiles [​IMG]
    These (terpenes) are MUCH more easily released from
    our cannabis, than THC. They can be released into the air to be inhaled upon
    breaking up the plant matter, and they are responsible for why people feel 'stoned'
    while cutting and manicuring freshly harvested cannabis. They are also responsible
    for police officers, claiming they get 'high' in the line of duty when clearing out a bust.
    It's in fact the terpenes that cause this feeling, not cannabinoids.

    Alpha-Pinene Is found in various trees and plants, including cannabis. "This terpene
    is at the highest level in the Super Silver Haze. So if you like pine-tree smelling and
    tasting weed, think of growing this strain, or use it for crossings."

    ***Limonene "is a cyclic terpene. It is a colourless liquid at room temperatures
    with an extremely strong smell of oranges." This is where many strains get their citrus
    orange, lemon flavors and odors from.

    Sabinene is found in high levels in many haze varieties.

    ***Myrcene, or β-myrcene, - THIS is the terpene available in some fruits and
    plants, including mangoes, that causes people to feel that eating mangoes before
    smoking, will get them 'higher', which is somewhat true, only if the myrcene levels
    are high enough, and not diluted by so much plant flesh. For a more reliable effect,
    simply sniff your preferably fresh bud the instant you break it open, and enjoy that
    nice fragrance, just prior to smoking it. True widow strains develop high levels of

    The fresher the herb, the more terpenes it likely has available. The terpenes are
    released so easily, that in some commercial bud they have often already mostly
    dissipated, before people have a chance to use the canna, in which case additional
    terpenes from fruit can help.

    10- 1.8-CINEOLE


    **** And about mango juice......

    I don't know the specifics pertaining to the juice in question, but for the most part store-bought and
    bottled mango juices either will not work, or they will not work well.

    This is because they have often been heated or 'flash pasteurized' to the point that a large quantity of
    the heat-sensitive myrcene, the terpene which promotes the intensified effect, has dissipated.

    In the future, you can always buy a mango or two and puree them in your blender, or even by hand
    in a plastic bag [​IMG] You can 'drink' it as-is, or add a little of your favorite juice, or water.




    Or, you can go even a little further, and incorporate that puree into an edible canna recipe... Myrcene, intensifies cannabinoid cellular permeability.



    A CannAmbrosia Fruit Salad madewith tincture, is another way to benefit from the enhanced sensations, provided by additional terpenes in conjunction with your cannabinoids...


    (And edible drinkables [​IMG] )



    A tip - Simply enjoying an oil burner, containing a blend of lemongrass, nutmeg and sandalwood oils WILL produce a more euphoric and narcotic sensation while smoking. Do NOT attempt to directly inhale the vapors produced by your heated essential oils, this is not healthy, nor is it necessary to benefit from the terpenes! Feel free to experiment with other essential oils to produce a variety of sensations, from relaxing, to energizing. :)
  8. Another great post from BadKittySmiles. Yes, terpenes are very powerful. That's why many people recommend you enjoy the aroma of your herb for five minutes prior to smoking it.

  9. im trying to understand all of this, what exactly is a terpene?

    are you saying smelling your bud prior to smoking it will make you higher?
  10. [quote name='"FluffyBud"']

    im trying to understand all of this, what exactly is a terpene?

    are you saying smelling your bud prior to smoking it will make you higher?[/quote]

    No, you aren't absorbing lots of terpenes when you smell bud.

    But terpenes are what give many thing their aromatic properties. The reason weed can smell piney or fruity and many other variations is because of the terpenes and terpenoids found in it.

    Mycrene is one of these, and helps THC pas through the blood/brain barrier. It's found in high quality cannabis, and is important to the high, but can also be gotten from Mangos.

    Will Mangos always increase your high a lot? Not always, but they do contain a very beneficial chemical that's crucial to your high. But if you're having very high quality cannabis chances are you're already getting a good bit.

  11. thanks for the clarification!
  12. Yeah BadKittySmiles gave a great explanation. Basically the chemical found in mangos, Mycrene, helps diffuse thc into the blood at a faster rate. I suggest you have one 30-45 minutes before you smoke.

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