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Mango Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Jayohe12, May 25, 2013.

  1. I just picked up an eighth for 40 and I haven't smoked any yet. Is this a not so strong strain? Was it a bad buy?

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  2. Mango kush can be great or it can be horrible it is all based on the grower. If you got it off of the street it is most likely not mango kush anyway, but you never know! as long as it is dank it will be good. Look for good smell, taste, smoke, and high and let us know whether it was good or not. try to post pictures if you can id love to see it. :D
  3. it smells citrusy and on the inhale i taste mangos. pic coming soon

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  5. Looks dank to me man  :hippie:
  6. Def potent!
  7. For 40$ (and if you weighed it out to an eighth) - Id say you got a good deal. Do you live on the West Coast tho ?
  8. Wish I could pick up eighths for $40 around here, eighths here are atleast $45, that's if you're very close with a dealer, normally $60.
  9. Mango kush can be great or it can be horrible it is all based on the grower
  10. I would call that no doubt dank. Enjoy. :smoking:
  11. It's Def an eighth give or take. 01 grams. And no I live in Michigan. Midwest
  12. That's how it is out here too.
  13. looks dank as fk
  14. I've had mango for about 2 weeks now, so good! It's one of those buds that doesn't like bud
  15. You still got some.? Show is a pic. I think it's the sexiest bud I've ever seen
  16. If have to pick some up from my connect, he bought like a pound using his uncles medical card about a month ago and still ha about 2 ounces left so ill see what I can do!
  17. smoke some rocks. best high you'll ever get.
  18. Fuck im baked man. This shit is strong

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