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Mango juice and marijuana potency?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by TheDefiler, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. I've heard about people eating mangos to increase the high from their weed due to a chemical called myrcene. Now what I need to know is can I get this same effect from a mango juice as long as its 100% juice. Something like Simply orange w/ mango.

    Sry but mangos are pretty out of season atm. Cant find them at any local stores.
  2. Seriously......nothing! :-(
  3. I've seen this thread maybe 4 times so far, it seems to be a pretty common idea to try.

    However I've never seen conclusive evidence, or even testimonials from people who have done it.

    However from what I've read, you have to eat the mango and wait ONE HOUR before smoking so the myrcene mixes with the plasma of your blood. If you do not wait one our, it apparently will not work.

    If I were you, I just go get a mango. They're so damn tasty!
  4. did it yesterday. yes it works. mangos are in season just try a fruit stand instead of the grocery store.
  5. did you wait the hour or just immediately blaze after smoking?
  6. I've never tried it, but from what I've heard on these boards it works.

    The mango has to be very ripe though.
  7. Everybody is so high that they forgot that you were asking about juice.
    I'd say that it should have a similar effect to eating a very ripe mango. You can get these small cans of mango nectar at Costco which I imagine would be the most likely thing to get the effect from.
    Not 100% sure the myrcene is part of the juice, but it would make more sense to me than in the actual pulp of the mango or whatever.
  8. ^Yeah I thought so too, but I figured I would ask and see what the opinions were on it. I have also seen other threads like this on GC and other cannabis boards but the conclusion I came too was that it didn't work for everyone which can be from a number of things. Ripeness of the mango, and the length of time between eating and smoking come to mind.

    BTW how can u tell if a mango is really ripe, as in ripe enough for effects?
  9. i ate the mango then about 15 minutes in started smoking. loaded a bowl about every 8 minutes for a good hour and a half. needless to say my high lasted almost 3 hours. which is abnorrmal for me.
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    To answer TheDefiler, I found this.

    Because mangos come in a rainbow of reds, yellows, oranges, and greens, color is not the best way to determine ripeness. Sniff for a fragrant fruity odor at the stem end, or squeeze very gently to detect a firm yet yielding feel under your fingers. Mangos ripen best at room temperature. To accelerate ripening, you may place the fruit in a paper bag overnight. Then use the mango fairly quickly �- it will not have the optimal shelf life of a mango ripened slowly.

    Source: http://ask.yahoo.com/20020708.html

    This is really something that should not remain a myth for more than a couple days for how easy it is to try. Would anyone be interested in running some controlled tests?
  11. Well whenever I get some ill be sure to try it out.
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    I happened to have a new package of 24 cans of mango juice on my kitchen table think I'm going to go drink 1 1/2 to 2 and wait 1 hour then blaze. I have a high tolerance so ill see how this works out with 100% mango juice, will report back in 3 hours or so.
  13. which type of mango does it have to be ?....or does it even matter ?
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    Ok, after drinking 2 mango drinks waiting 1 hour then blazing my normal amount it seemed to increase the high a bit. Gona get some mangos when they are in season which is fairly soon.
  15. Ate a very ripe mango and smoked half hour after. I did get a lot higher than normal. I am going to do this agin
    very soon.
  16. I just drink some mango juice 25 minutes before smoking and the effect is noticable. It does appear to make the high much more psychadelic.
  17. i've done this several times with actual riped mangos and it really does work.

    for best results, wait atleast an HOUR before smoking. don't rush it. don't eat a mango and smoke directly afterwards, you will not experience the effect at all.
  18. hey im doing this too tonight and have done this before. Now let me tell you from first hand experience if you do this correctly IT WILL FUCK YOU UP. an hour before you smoke eat every single bit of your ripest mango and then smoke you will experience something like nothing before. mango juice might work but honestly its not fresh and has other shit in it. just buy mangos not the juice i dont think juice works well at all compared. anyways good luck with this and please enlighten up upon your high.
  19. I am almost 100% sure it is placebo.
  20. thought this too

    maybe give a mango to someone prior to smoking w/o saying anything and ask them if their high is different lol

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