Manga discussion thread.

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  1. Anything related to mangas at all, whatever is on your mind about them :smoke:

    One Piece is the shit :D
  2. I read Naruto :) I havent read any of the newer ones yet because I like to read a lot of them in one day. The last one I read was with those two guys with the fox powers that are fighting with the raikages apprentice and he found a way to trick them and fall for their own trap.....if that makes any sense to you. You just reminded me that I should probably figuer out whats going on in the war :yay:
  3. Oh and I really cant stand Sasuke I wish Itachi was still alive and Sasuke had taken his place. He.was.a.boss.

  4. I know exactly what you're referring to lol yeah you should get caught up on the plot because it's great. :cool:
  5. Hard to believe a fan of Evangelion can stomach that shit

  6. lol they're polar opposites in terms of style right? I don't just read shonen manga but I do like it for light reading. Evangelion will always be better than most of the new stuff coming out today lol

  7. Emo kids ftw? Yeah he seems like such a little bitch whenever I see him.. :devious:

  8. He's an extreme bitch constantly whining about his brother but goes against his every wish. I always get attacked by the fan boys on any other site.

  9. Not surprised haha, him and Naruto will always have the most fanboys riding their dicks in comparison with the other characters of the series :rolleyes:
  10. No WSJ this week, told ya.
  11. you fucking nerd!!

  12. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? :laughing:
  13. idk, is it a good thing?
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    Hahaa. That's always what i say.

    I will always love death note. One of the best manga/animes ever <3

  15. :rolleyes: I think you need to smoke another bowl or something..

  16. That was such a great anime because of the plot and all the twists, it's a great watch to say the least.
  17. wise advice, ill go do that.
  18. Code Geass
    Death Note

    -Mind fucks

  19. Fucking amazing, Monster was an unbelievably realistic anime. It's a legend.
  20. Indeed it was.. Indeed it was. :smoke:

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