Mandala's Germination Guide goes against every Germination Method I've Found Here

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  1. Bump. Come on people.. I know there are a lot of talkers out there and opinionated growers and vets alike.
  2. the thing with germinating as opposed to planting is; say u germinate 10 seeds and 7 pop. now u set up room for those 7. now if u plant those same 10 seeds u will have 3 pots/plots unused. that's why I germinate. sometimes i'll have a clone die and i'll just throw a seed in it place without germinaing. seems like their alittle fast when u germinate too.
  3. I agree. What is the point in planting an un-germinated seed if it might not pop? I just feel like germinating is the way to go. The question for me is why not germinate?

    And nice bump after 7 minutes. :p that's one of the quickest I've seen. Just to let you know, before you bumped it, it was only like the third one down. :p
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    Germination before planting is the 'tried & tested' best method for growers.....

    But yes, I have put seeds straight into soil, watered and successfully grew them but it takes much longer for them to sprout so it's really pointless IMO
  5. The above statements are true. :p

    You have the option of germinating, and it doesn't take any more time, and barely any effort.

    If you are new to growing and you aren't sure whether you should or shouldn't, the answer is you should.
  6. Thanks everyone for their input. I've went ahead and tried to germ 6 bag beans w/ the wet towel in tubaware method. The only dark place I have to put them right now is under my bed, and I know it isn't all that hot under there. Hopefully at least a few of them will still crack. How long does this usually take? 24 hours at least right?
  7. I'd say 2-7 days on average, but I have seen some ready to go in 24-36 hours.

  8. Well, I think these are pretty old beans (just because I guess in the negativity on where I got these bag beans from) and wouldn't be surprised if they do take that long..
  9. Just be patient my friend. Even if I could tell you the exact minute they'd pop, you'd still have to wait.

    Some tips if you need/want 'em that might help germination (this is what I do anyway):

    Germ in a dark place

    Ideal temp (temp in which they'll germinate quickest) is 78, but 76-80 is great. (I think they'll germ anywhere from about 70-90 but not 100% about this)

    Make sure it stays moist.

    If it's in a sealed container (jar, Tupperware, etc.) open it daily and drain out excess water. (I wipe the humidity off the side of my jars)

    That's all I can think of at the moment. :p

  10. Thanks for the clues. I'm not sure how much heat is in this room but it feels pretty moderate. somewhere between 70-75. I have the tub under the bed so its in a dark place. and only the towels were moist.. I didn't have any excess water in the tub.
  11. nice... wait until the seed sprout is at least 1/2 inch long. This can grow in a matter of hours. Interestingly once it sprouts not too much moisture is needed. I once germinated seeds and after imagining it was a failute since they had not sprouted (well they hadn't) i put it somewhere and forgot about it.... remembered a week later and found all the sprouts out of the shells and ready to plant... the towel was dry they all did fine. then just place them in your dirt under mild light
  12. by the way are you growing mandala genetics?

  13. Thanks. But must the taproots be half an inch long before planting? The first ever bean I germ'ed didn't end up getting a 1/2 inch root and I messed that up because I planted it way too deep under MG potting soil. I now have the correct lightweight soil seed starting mix I need and organic, biodegradable, all natural fiber seed starter pots I'm going to be popping these beans into if any of them tap.

    I'm not going to just forget about these little guys though. I'm going to try to keep the paper towel moist - as I just re-wetted it for extra safety. And in a place dark and hot (like under my passenger seat in the car) so hopefully while the sun is out it will warm up the car enough to warm up the embryo's. I'll be checking them tomorrow more than likely after work to see if any roots come out.

    No - regular bagbeen genetics hehe
  14. yeah just make sure that towel is damp--- not soaked. you can drown them with too much water- and if you think it's too much, you can just leave the bag cracked to let moisture out, then sprinkle a few drops on it if you please.... like a see-saw of moisture and dryness.
  15. Oops.. that towel was soaked. :smoking:

    I'll have to move them to new towels when I get off.
  16. Mandela's says right in their instructions that they have specifically selected for seeds that DO germinate as per their instructions. If I remember right, they insist on it - that they won't replace if you don't. So, I'd go with their instructions, since they've selectively bred for it. As for the other way: I do it, but I threw out 4 Super Silver Haze (from a different seed bank), that didn't sprout...and the next six, only 2 did - and I got upset over the low germination rate, and planted all six anyways...and 5 popped = 3 that never sprouted in the wet paper towel. Now, I tend to paper towel all and even if they don't sprout, I plant them, anyways...just in case. Cuz at that point, what have ya got to lose? I've got the room for them, and I do get the time-line advantage of the ones that DO sprout, so... I get upset whenever I think of the 4 SSH I tossed away...
  17. germination is a waste of effort. when you can just put them in the ground

  18. I disagree. Unless you are talking about outdoor application.

    I don't want to waste time waiting for a bean to pop in soil, and then find out it never will. Waste of a pot, soil and time IMO.

  19. Debate what? The way humans have been planting seeds for however many thousands of years?

    Leave it to stoners to complicate something as simple as planting a seed and to think mj is any different from any other flowering annual.

    Mandala is one of the very few, straight up, no bullshit breeders around. You can take their advice to the bank.

    Get a grip.:wave:


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