Mandala #1 Indoor LST CFL grow

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  1. So this is a bit of an experiment.. trying to grow Mandala #1 indoor, cabinet style, with CFLs. I have 6x 23w 6500K for veg, and 2x 55w 2700K that will be added for flowering. Not expecting a big yield, just A yield :) I plan to LST this plant. My grow space is very small. About 4 feet high, by 3 feet by 3 feet.
    I have 1 Mandala #1 plant.
    Any advice appreciated! this only my second grow.
    DAY 1

    DAY 3

    DAY 5

    DAY 8
  2. thats a healthy plant, its growing much faster than mine did, props!

    looking forward to seeing more progress
  3. Thanks bro..
    I'll keep posting pics of the progress :)
  4. wow that plant is growing crazy fast, looks healthy too... good job
  5. I'm pullin' up a chair. I think I'm gonna pop for some of these beans on ol' seedbay. Mandala says you really dont need to feed 'em a lot. Another cool thing is that theres some nice purple in some of the pheno's. GL!

    keep us posted very intereseting :D
  7. yeah nice plant. :) do u live in hawaii?!? couldn't help to notice "pakalolo." lol...i have family out there so just curious haha..
  8. Today is day 10.
    Heres some new pics of my baby.





    Based on the small size of my grow box, when do you think I should induce flowering? has anyone grown this strain indoor? right now shes in 18/6.

    also, it hasnt gotten really any taller since it came up. just piling on leaves. i have no idea where i would tie it down to start LST?
  9. do you think i should strat LST yet? would it be better to top it? or both?

    i took it outside for a few hours of sun.

    days 12, 13

    let me know what u think!

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  10. its tough to tell from that angle if you are at the third node yet but if you are, tie it down between the third and forth node, and also tie the base of the stem in the opposite direction like this

  11. thanks for the pic... i think i left it too late! its working on its 6th node, and when i try to bend the stem, it almost uproots the plant. its way too thick already. it looks like this one will be an indica pheno, so it shouldnt get too big.
  12. I had read that they are very vigorous growers but damn, that beauty is takin' off in soil. This should yeild you some nice smoke.
  13. today is the 16th day of veg.
    im a bit worried about the lower leaves, they are turning yellow.
    i know its not the ph, i am using reverse osmosis purified water.
    could it need some feeding already?

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  14. anyone???
    the yellowing is spreading.
    i tried some kelp extract... didnt seam to help.
  15. SHES A GIRL!!!

    Started 12/12 5 days ago, and shes showing sex!
    a girl! :hello::smoke:

    She was having some trouble there for a while. a lot of leaves turned yellow, and I think she was close to death. But i didnt give up on my baby girl. She was nursed back to health by transplanting to a MUCH bigger container, fed some 8-7-6 liquid food, molasses, Epsom salt, super thrive, and watering was slowed down significantly. She appreciated that very much, and is now in the best of health.
    Starting to bud already!

    have a look at the pics of my beautiful girl.

    also started a bagseed that was found in some dank. the only seed in a half ounce. first time i found a seed in my pickup, so i had to grow it. its looking like a phat indica.

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  16. nice grow dude thats amazing so fast
  17. awesome growth, CFL's are better than expected! I would switch out all the bright CFL's with the 2700K to 4100K bulbs. This will help in the flowering stage. goog luck, next time try LST.
  18. damn man good work. i love the looks of that plant, should produce some excellent bud!
  19. thanks guys.
    right now i have two 55 watt 2700K CFL's and 3x 26 watt 6500K cfl's. It was going to be just the 2 2700K's, but i decided to add the other ones i had from veg for a total of 11,600 lumens. cant hurt right?
  20. can't hurt. There are red peaks in the 6500k.

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