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Managing My Money

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stratez, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I have bought weed for the past 3 times and smoke it with my friends. My friends are cool and all but never have money for their own. They are starting to piss me off, but this friend was the one who got me into the magical herb. Can you guys give me any advice on smoking for free ( persuading my friends to buy)
  2. stop smoking them up. tell them next time they gotta buy or no ones gettin high
  3. dont smoke them up anymore or make them give you money to smoke.
  4. No one has 5 on it.... no one should be on it

    you shouldn't blaze people in that dont blaze you in... there just using you to get high then
  5. Lie and say you can't afford the herb and if he can help supply.
  6. Tell them you're broke the next 2 weeks.

    If none of them offer, they're not your friends.

    I've been in same situation, I make good money, but I noticed no one buying any.

    The moment i stopped packing bowls, they got negative.
  7. Just tell them straight up, weed isn't cheap, either throw in some weed, or give you some money. If they don't do either then they're just using you to smoke.
  8. Yeah dude I agree, tell them to pitch in. If they're good friends don't be an ass hole but be stern. Just say like 'hey man, I've been buying the last little while let's all split on a20 sac or something'. I'm sure they'd feel you, no one wants to be the atm lmao
  9. Sharing is caring and usually leads to reciprocation. If they're just guys you go to to buy weed from who happen to go to the same school as you, then yeah, they're using you cause you seem to buy a nice amount of weed and you should tell them, but if its guys who you played little league with, you shouldn't be hostile about it.
  10. I don't smoke with no one who doesn't put in or match....
  11. OMG it's Wizzy khalifa, you should just hand out bud playboy
  12. Just get high by yourself before then blaze a little bit with your friends after.
  13. straight up ask them when you hit them up "are you throwing any down?" if everyone says nah then dont even take the weed out and just say you couldnt afford a sack.

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