Man uses stolen credit cards to buy $100,000 in Dunkin Donuts gift cards

Discussion in 'General' started by TheDope, Aug 8, 2008.

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    stupider is a word? I thought that it was a pretty sly scandal. Who the hell would expect that, just look at your bank account and be like :eek: at a 200 dollar charge to dunkin donuts. You would have to do a double take and look at your stomach to make sure you didnt get the munchies one night.
  2. Sounds about right!

  3. holy crap stupider and stupidest are both words. my bad
  4. Its sneeky in the fact that no one would suspect it. But the risk/reward ratio is out of whack. Risking a few years in prison for $200 seems ridiculous, but then he went on to do it 500 times, is just stupid.
    Moral of the story, if your going to commit credit card fraud, dont spend it all on dunkin donuts!:D


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