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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by NuBBiN, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. I just freaked myself out

    I was lying in bed and sorta in a partially asleep, dream, but still really baked and zoned out type mode, and i started putting together this it goes...

    This earth,our home "planet" is an atom....ok? still with me here?.... The other planets in our solar system...are atoms...... they come together to make a single unknown molecule.... the sun is the nucleus of this molecule.... and all the other solar systems in the universe make up other unknown molecules of different sizes..depending on how many "atoms" surround the nucleus and the different sized guys still awake here? you following me?

    Anyways this whole friggin universe is actually just trillions upon trillions of different molecules which make up something huge...but at the same time, something very insignificant....our universe as we know it might be molecules combined to simply form a single grain of sand...and this sand is located on some beach, on some unknown planet, in another dimention which obviousely is unmeasurably larger than our whole universe as we know it. But the process continues forever, because this planet which contains this grain of sand, which is made up of every known and unknown solar system("molecule") in *our* "space" is aswell part of a simple molecular structure(its own solar system)...and the process continous for infinity in that "larger and larger" direction...

    BUT, this process works backwards also... you see, when youre walking on the beach and you pick up a single grain of sand, you hold an entire universe in between your fingers... if you were to look at it under a high enough powered microscope..youd be able to see the single molecules..or atleast clusters of them (a "simple" galaxy)... if you were to take a hammer to that piece of could literally destroy a whole universe with the swing of your hand...or atleast put it into complete chaos but ripping its known universe to shreds.

    this isnt just for a grain of sand...thats just what i used as an example...EVERYTHING known to man..from the chair your sitting in, to the weed you smoke is comprised of different "univserses"...HELL the space ships used by NASA to explore OUR universe is made of other beings universes! thats just sriousely mind boggling to me...

    so ive been seriousely treating EVERYTHING with respect around me all night tonight cuz im fucking wasted and scared that im gonna fuck up another lifeform's world as they know it..... from flushing the toilet too many times to stomping my feet too hard when im walking... and i find it both funny as hell but eye opening aswell..... its as if the whole concept of god makes sense now...IM god!...YOU are god! we are all "gods" to other universes "below" us in the chain of dimentions and just as creatures on the larger planets containing OUR grain of sand are like gods to US!...does this make any fucking sense or am i just fucked up beyond reality?

    the whole concept of infinity makes sense also!..i mean, i can literally "see" infinity in my mind(is that possible?)....cuz when you think about it...infinity is just the same as small is to big..i mean when youre looking at the smallest thing known to modern man ( the atom) its so small to you that its inconsevable to ponder the idea that its actually a complete universe....and it works vica versa with us imagining how the universe is this infinte amount of "space" but really if we were to travel into our space ships far enough out from earth... we could literally "fly" from oh i dunno that "grain of sand" all the way onto some fat bastards hotdog on that beach!...and beyond!....we would never reach an end because even if we traveled from the fat bitches hotdog to THAT worlds "outer space" we'd still just keep travelling unntill we did it all over again and traveled out of THEIR universe into the next step which would be another grain of sand and another processed meat meal! YOU GET ME? feel free to yell at me for making yo read this enormous piece of pie but i thought id let you in on my little idea here....

    so just remember....treat everything from your dogs butthole to your car keys with respect...cuz you wouldnt want some mean fat bastard to finish eating his hotdog then take a hammer to our HUGE but LITTLE insignificant yet enormousely powerful little world. and to think..all those poor planets that got broken into half during the atomic bomb tests and japan....... sad sad hing to ponder....

    wellll ill let you guysgo now so you can all go call your friends and tell them you just read a post put up by the craziest fuck on earth...

    Luv Peace N Chicken grease
  2. l didn,t read all cause lam pissed, but what ya talking is the whole universe as we knowe it being a single drop dripping from a tap,and the time it takes to hit the grond is as long as our world exists.naa fuck that[​IMG]
  3. hehe Nubbin I can just see you tip-toeing throughout your life! :)
    I know many people who have had that revelation, the possibility that we're just a grain of sand in a larger plan, and our grains of sand are tiny intricate universes within themselves...
    It sure is an eye-opener, I agree, and quite a humbling experience!

    I say though, treating nature with a newfound respect does make you look at life with a newfound perspective. That's a good thing(different perspectives always are), but I wouldn't be sniffing your dog's butthole to figure out the meaning of life if I were you! LOL

    xo at you for having such an open mind!! ~~~
    supa stoned brains, unite! haha
  4. I would very much like to have some of what you were smoking when you thought of that.

  5. LOL, that's exactly what I thought. I read the whole thing, it sounds like some of the stuff I think up when I totally wacked off my brain.

    Heh, what a coincidence.

  6. Hey I'm with ya but ya gotta give the guy props for having the balls to actually share those thoughts with the world. Of course this is the only site I would go expressing those views on. Others might not "understand" how you could get wasted enough to figure out all the secrets of the universe while your laying in bed.
  7. Ive done the same thing and just tripped on something surreal. Lovin it =)

  8. I have imagined kinda the same thing.........there used to be this HBO promo thing that started out showing the street life in some strange futuristic world. The camera view slowly drew back, viewing the block, the city, so on into space which started looking like atoms, particles then it shows a piece of popcorn on the floor of the living room of some family and thier dog comes up and eats it.
  9. Those are some really cool thoughts running through your brain. It is a lot better than those people that think humans are the highest intelligence and power in the universe and that we somehow control things, which in my opinion is pretty stupid. We should have respect for all the things around us because when it comes down to it everything is relative to each other.
  10. Interesting but its the kind of crap you think about when your stoned...

    BTW watch out cuz you know to much....

    Mickey.T :)
  11. yeah herb i agree with that whole humans being ignorant about their position in life thing. Theres a great book that i had that talked about porpuses(sp?) mainly dolphins and whales, and the whole book talks about the way their brains are designed and that the section of their brains that controls creativity, emotion, and abstract thoughts like general "awareness" of "here and now" thoughts is up to three times as large as ours. So, many people argue that they're actually the most intellegent creatures on our planet, they arent like dogs which are obliviouse to intelligent life as we know it, they recognize what reflections are and can tell if theyre looking into a mirror that its just them, they can communicate over miles of sea distance(and they do it through their own language that they must learn just like our children learn our language), theyre aware of other creatures and humans and have been known to be friendly and almost welcoming of humans whenever possible(which has led to their being hunted in the past), they show emotions like ours, and theyre also the only other species that enjoys sex and doesnt just have it during mating season....on top of that, unlike humans with our aposable thumbs who have to build things to adapt our surroundings, porpuses have learned and evolved to live in harmony with nature.....i just find that to be so damn cool, that two seperate species that are both equally ( more ways than not) intellegent and they arent even aware of each others possibilities....or are they?
  12. cool thoughts. i have had the same ones! which makes me think they are even cooler, that we had very similar thoughts on such a huge concept.

    i have since thought about it alot more and realise that this could be true and still fit with many other far out there extreme quantum mechanics, space-time, multiverse etc type concepts.
  13. Sounds kind of like Men in Black.
  14. right on nubbin, both your posts are mindopening. last week i was in mexico and i went swimming with the dolphins. they're were so intelligent, i starting thinking thoughts like that about dolphins, how they've evolved better than humans. if anyoen ever gets the chance, try swimming with dolphins. it's amazing
  15. waaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

    no. not possable. or at least it's not possable for the star systems to be the equivalent of atoms unless there are VAST fundamental differances between 'atoms' (or solar systems, etc.) in the different sizes going up and down the scale because we already know whats smaller than atoms ... and what about all the weird sub atomic particles like quarks? how do you explain the possitive negative attractions? there are no foces that will push away from each other (like if u were to have two electrons together) in space. it just doesn't realy fit on that level.

    BUT! perhaps at an even smaller level that we have not yet discovered .... like the size of an atom is XXXXXXXX% times the size of what (to us looking forward to the next size up) we perceive as the universe!

    does that make sence?
  16. makes sense..but you have to remember that I was stoned off my ass and it just seemed so right...but they dont have to be atoms, they could be (like you were saying) much smaller particles making up an atom..
  17. you know stephen king talks about the same thing in "The Gunslinger". Maybe hes a stoner!
  18. I have thought that same exact thing while i've been in that high dreamy type thinking place

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