Man made relationship / Heavenly made relationship

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  1. There are two types of relationships, and they are

    1. Man made relationship
    2. Heavenly made relationship

    An example of type 1, man made relationship, is 'marriage'.

    An example of type 2, heavenly made relationship, is 'Parent-child'.

    There aren't that many type 2 relationships.

    But there are many type 1 relationships.

    Marrige, as I've said before, friendship, business relationship (ex : seller-buyer), teacher-student relationship, Senior-junior relationship, classmate relationship, roommate relationship, relationship with the dealers, relationship with your dog, relationship with your bong...

    All man made relationship are not permanent. It can be broken, and it can be completely severed.

    But heavenly made relationship is permanent. There is nothing in the world that can change a heavenly made relationship.

    For instance, a mother might abandon her child, but it doesn't change the fact that she is the mother and the baby is her child.

    The baby may be adopted to another family, but still it doesn't change the fact that she is the child's mother.


    The world is a lonely place. It is hard to get buy without anyone you can depend on.

    The world is a lonely place because it's hard to trust anyone.

    It's hard to trust anyone or anything because time after time we discover that nothing is what it seems and everything is a lie.

    Everything can the twisted and changed into anything, regardless of what you think.

    And to have something that DOESN'T change, is such a luxury, which only a few of us can enjoy.

    The few who have their blood families...

    You would think that everyone has a family, but you would be surprised to find out, that not many people out there actually have a blood family...

    And those who do not have a family, they find ways to MAKE families...

    Most families are heavenly made, but there are other families... that are man made.

    Men meet, and they become brothers. And they become one family.

    There's a father, and the rest of us are brothers.

    Although this kind of relationship is man made, it is as close as you can get, to being a heavenly made relationship.

    But with a subtle difference.

    In heavenly made brotherhood, you do not kill each other, no matter what.

    But in man made brotherhood, you can...

    I don't know...

    Sometimes I'm afraid of my brothers...
  2. Heaven has nothing to do with it. You mean BIOLOGICAL relationships. And anything can change them, just like as you describe a 'man made relationship'.

    Blood relationships obligate you to nothing.
  3. And you enjoy when people have sex that are in heavinly made relationships [​IMG]

  4. You're real hard man. :rolleyes:
  5. This was a really stupid post.

  6. 'Stupid' was the perfect word to describe this post. I totally agree. I don't know why I even wrote this crap.
  7. I'm having a hard time understanding why you posted this...

    (No negative connotations implied, I'm genuinely curious)
  8. Well, i don't really believe any of this.

    All bonds can be broken and not all parents love their children.

  9. You mean, woman?

  10. Beats me. It's one of those things that even I can't talk about.

    Everytime I try to think about it, it just goes nowhere really fast.
  11. Not all bonds can be broken.

    The bond between a mother and her child cannot be broken. Even if the mother does not love the child, the bond is still there.

    Even if the mother abandons her child, the bond is still there.
  12. Uh, ok? Just responding to a post that doesn't make much sense.

    Trust me, this isn't always true. A child may always WANT a mother figure and crave motherly love, but the bond between a biological mother and biological child can be severed.

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